Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silent Tears

On Friday afternoon, an earthquake followed by a tsunami has struck Japan. The power of the earthquake was 8.9 Magnitude and the tsunami height reached 6 meters. The tsunami washed away everything on the land: boats, cars, and houses. The water also flowing into the cities and become a flood. The electricity, communication's wire, and transportation lines has been ceased down.

The earthquake has caused damage in several places, including the nuclear reactor at Fukushima area. The cooling system doesn't work and caused radioactive leaking. The leak has catch several victims....
The earthquake was also caused fire on some refinery. But, luckily no victims was lost following the quake. It's the tsunami that takes many victims, especially people living near the coast.

The tsunami warning has been deployed to some near countries, including Indonesia. But again, luckily it didn't do damaging like what happen in Japan.

The news is still reporting the disaster development. The scene disaster were played over and over. For the truth it was scary....I can't watched it again...I'd choose to turn off the TV. Sorry.

When I know about the disaster, my mind quickly flew to my dearest friend, Satomi-chan. She lived in Tokyo, one of the city that get the disaster impact. I try to contact her via twitter. I was waiting for her reply nervously. When I watched the live streaming of the disaster, my heart was rushing. My heart beats faster, and I just can't think of anything. I was scared bad things happen to Satomi-chan. I really wish I can get to her place right away.

I was quite relief when finally Satomi-chan replied my tweets. I WAS REALLY REALIEF!!! I almost cried! I was so happy to know she's fine. I pray she will always be fine. I pray Allah will always protect her, her families, and friends. I really wishing I can take her to Indonesia.

I was also relief that all of my favorite J-Rocker musicians were also save. All of their names were on the list of J-Rocker that is saved. I was very very relief. And I also thankful to Mao-kun who kindly re-tweet infos of surviving and evacuation's procedure. I always know what a kind person Mao is, and now I even become so sure about it. Mao-kun is so sweet, kind, and caring though he and the band was in Hokkaido at that time. His caring thought has looped distances of area, and somehow it calmed me to see his tweets. Mao has always make me calm. It's because the warmth attention he always given to other people. That's one reason I like him :)

But, the relief can't last long. The news reported that people were lacking food supplies. Satomi-chan also said they have to save electricity due of the nuclear reactor shut down. I was imagining conditions with no food and no light in the night. It must ber very terrifying! Plus, there are still continues shake....Satomi-chan also has tweet about the aftershock of the earthquake...God!! I really wish I can be with her!! I wanna hold her hands and make her strong. I don't want to leave her alone. I don't want her to feel scared.  I want her to be happy and smiling instead. I know I would be confused what to do for her in such conditions, but staying at her side is what I wanted the most. I don't want her to feel alone...

Now I can only pray that the disaster will be over soon. And that everything will be fine. People can get back to their normal life. And Satomi-chan can have her smile back. I really pray for it. For my angel to get back her sweet smile.

People of Japan, Satomi-chan, you are not alone in this. You will always have support and prayers for many many people. Be strong and always keep safe! Always take care!!
Just like Mao-kun has said in "Eru" song: "Kimi wa hitori janai". You are not alone.
I love you all!!

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