Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Once I made a promise to Mao-kun, " Mao-kun, I will surely bought (one) of your albums!"
And thank GOD  I can make the promise. I'm so proud with myself  ^^;
I've bought SID's new album, DEAD STOCK. And I'm loving the album. The songs are great, and also they've bring back the reason why I'm liking them...jazzy rock! The new album has few jazzy rock songs. Just like I've said, the only jazzy music I would hear will be only SID ^^

DEAD STOCK has 12 songs:
  1. NO LDK
  2. Shelter
  3. Cosmetic
  4. II Hito
  5. Ranbu no Melody (Album Mix)
  6. Rain
  7. Dog Run
  8. One Way
  9. Nigatsu
  10. Wife
  11. Sleep
  12. Sympathy
I'm happy since my favorite songs are include in the album: Cosmetic, Ranbu no Melody, Rain, One Way, and Sleep. But sadly CUT and UTAHIME (B-Side songs) aren't include :(
I guess later on they would release their second B-Side album. Hope so since I love CUT so much. The song can light up the spirit.

Thumbs for SID! They've made great album for sure, and it calms me in the night. Lately this one has become my lullaby. Mao's voice really calming :3
I'm glad I've saved money for it. I'm glad I've bought it. It's not a disappointment! It's worth it! My favorite bands never disappoint me! ^3^

And my heart was about to stopped when I saw him XD

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