Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New profile picture: Yukkie-sama

I don't know what's get into me. After I watched "Honey 2007" live at L'7, I seem can't look away from Yukkie-sama! He has amazed me. His cool but silly act and his shy smile has captivated me XP
Because of that, I start to use his picture as my profile picture....EVERYWHERE!
The place that always fiil by hyde, now has been given to Yukkie :)

I don't know much about that android. All I can see is how serious he is when playing the drums. So serious that he doesn't notice what happen to ken at the live in Paris. Can't forget his confused look there. He's confused but his hands keep hitting the drums XD
Also the kindness he shows to a fan. When he's the one that offer to shake hands and not the fan. His sweet and shy smile, also silly act....just great! & <3 

And my admiration become higher seeing his cool pictures XP It really suits him.
So, I think I'll be using his image picture for a while. Until when? Only time (and hyde) can tell :D

And here's the android 8D

He's really awesome, right? ^3^ 

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