Sunday, March 27, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel: TWENITY

Finally I can have my hands over L'Arc~en~Ciel's Best albums: TWENITY.
I'd like to say my gratitude to Sony Music Indonesia for making these albums release in Indonesia. And also to Cielers Indonesia's effort during the pre-order of the albums. I even get 1 commercial poster; 2 pins, and 1 sticker as a bonus (gotta remind myself to check out music stores for the banner).

I'm so happy! Wasshoi! ^O^

Though it's not the Japanese versions, though it's not the box, but it still taste the same: L'Arc~en~Ciel!



I've already post earlier about the list of songs, so I won't post it again. Darn Leader-sama! He's really good in listing the songs for each album. Each has my favorite songs >_<
They include old songs that I haven't have the original copy, it makes me wanting to get all the three albums. And I don't regret it at all! I feel it's enough with TWENITY, so I don't need to hunt (and save) for their old albums :D

I highly recommend these albums. It's not to show how a loyal fans you are *I don't care with that*. The albums really show the journey of L'Arc~en~Ciel, from their indies until present. It really feel good to listen Voice, Flood of Tears, Loreley, Sell My Soul, As if in a Dream, White Feathers.We can really tell the difference. The old days, hyde's voice was high and kinda shrill. The music also isn't heavy as the present. Sometimes I laugh while listening the old songs. I imagining their look that time XD

The old and present L'Arc~en~Ciel are the same...THEY ARE AWESOME! They've become greater and greater as time goes by. They are the only one that I love for every single song! I hope they would release new album soon. I heard they're going to release new single, song for Full Metal Alchemist theme. Leader-sama...Mina-sama...please stop releasing new already have enough songs for one album....I might get broke before you come to Indonesia...if you come to Indonesia TwT

I hope the management will soon announced about the world tour. Rumors said they'll be coming on July or August...can't be sure about it since no official information being release..also the (probably) ticket price is quite...afordable :D It's not that I don't want that price...but for a band as famous and big as them...I kinda doubt they would go with the price. I hope it's true though *wishy washy*

The taste of these albums really just like Eno-chan (FB) said. It makes you know more about the past L'Arc~en~Ciel, and also become more deep in love with them. It's like riding a L'Arc~en~Ciel time machine ^^
It's a great album for both past and present fans, just like what they want to deliver within it. I get your messages and feelings Mina-sama. Shall walk together to our bright future. I love you guys!

Yokoso Mina-sama!


Wonder what's the meaning of the covers?


Aiko said...

hi there ^_^
i was browsing around to find some infos 'bout laruku's twenity album and if it's going to be released in indonesia... thankfully i came across yr blog and.... weeeeee the album is released already!!! ^0^

anyways, pretty please tell me, from which record store did you get the album (in jkt btw)? since i got a hard time finding their previous album 'kiss', apparently not all record store are selling them :(

yr info is very very much appreciated :)

Aiko said...

btw, i'm following u on twitter, (rly determined to get some infos 'bout the record store lol), follow me back if u don't mind? :)

KiRai said...

Thank you for the visit ^^
And I will also follow you on twitter.

I get TWENITY at Disc Tarra music store. I think each branch stores should have it.

You can also try Duta Suara music store. Sometimes the store also has L'Arc~en~Ciel (and other Japanese artist) import stuff :)

Or...if you'd like online shopping, you might try to ask @SonyMusicIdSLS on twitter :)

Hope it helps! :)

Aiko said...

happened to stop by @ 2 disctarra stores today, one on plaza semanggi & the other near my house on bekasi, but got home empty-handed :(
staffs on the latter store even told me they've never heard of such band, ghaad -_-
gonna try digging on duta suara tomorrow. hopefully they got it. am anxious alrdy >.>;;;
lol sorry for the whole babbling thing xD

thanx so much for yr infos, it's highly appreciated :)