Monday, March 28, 2011

Kimi's Rally Portugal 2011: 7th place!

I'm so proud of Kimi. On the Rally Portugal, he has work hard and give him 7th place over all! Last year, at the same event, he finished in 10th place. He has break his own record! He's improving from one rally to another!! Another points for him!! If he can keep it as good as now, or even better...I'm very sure he'll succeed! He'll make it!! His hard work has make me more more proud and in love with him!

Tell me Kimi, how can you be that great? <3

Kimi has been doing quite well since the start of the stages. He never being far from 10th position. Stages done, and with a puncture on day 2, he still can make it. Yokatta ne~~~

I was following Kimi's news via, KRS Forum, Kimi Raikkonen's group on Facebook, and Ice One Racing group (FB). They all awesome! They give live report and make my heart beat faster with the newest post! I know I mustn't feel so happy since...I'm a jinx :D If I get to happy and excited, the opposite thing (aka bad thing) shall happen. Pathetic....But! Thank God, Kimi can make it! If only I can watch the race I would be jumping around like when his times at F1. This is one thing that make me miss F1.....

I'm really glad and happy with the result. Kimi has really shown himself, just like he always do. I'm sure people would less their doubt about him right now. Then again, I think Kimi won't care with that. He just do want he wants to do, his best. Again, he has prove himself on the track and not by words. It's far more affective than just talks, and Kimi is genius with it ;)

I'm very glad with Kimi's improvement. I'm very sure slowly he'll put himself in front. I believe he can achieve his new dream, and I will always be there to see him does it. It takes times and hard work, but if it's Kimi, I know he can make it. My faith to him never and won't ever lessen. I believe he can make it. I always believe it! Go Kimi go!! You can make it!!


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