Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimi 2011

I know it's late. 2011 Rally season has get to it's second round at Mexico. But, Kimi doesn't compete in it. He will pass 3 rounds this year: Mexico, Italy, and Australia. Kimi said he would use the empty times to do some tests.

On the first round at Sweden, Kimi successfully finish in 8th. He has broke his own record from last year! I'm feeling so happy and proud of him, as always :)
But, Kimi is being mysterious thie season. He doesn't tell what he's going to do until the last minute of the signing up deadline for the rally. He doesn't reveal anything about his self name team, "Ice One Racing". I can't see his 2011 look before the season start. He even doing secretly practice in unknown place!

Maybe I'm being exaggerate? (again) :D But, it's not my's Kimi who'd been so mysterious with himself. He should have known how much influence he gave me. How I'm missing him every single minutes, every single day. How I always look for him? He becomes more mysterious than ever!!

But..thanks for his great followers, I manage to see his look for 2011. Not changing much. He's still awesome! There's one thing that change though, my love that getting bigger for him.

Now I present you...the 2011 Kimi ^3^

Isn't he AWESOME? ^3^

Loving you always and forever! <3

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