Thursday, March 24, 2011

"In the end it doesn't even matter"

I knew it.
No matter what I've done. No matter how I care. In the end, it even doesn't matter for her.
I knew it. I knew I should never done it. I knew it will be going like this.
Then it shouldn't be feel that hurt. But when it happens, it really feel hurt.
I'm hurt because what I've done doesn't have a meaning for her. I'm hurt because I was so stupid keep doing it though I know the result. She will never see me. Then again, I don't ask her that.
I just want, if she isn't going to see me...then don't see me at all.
Don't call me when she needs something. Let me live in peace. Let me live my own life in peace.

I'm sick and tired always get into the same situation. I'm tired and fed up with that jerk attitude, acting like nothing happen. Gosh, I wanna smack him hard! If only I can hire an assasin to kill him. No, if only God granted me the ability, I would kill him myself!

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