Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidarime Tantei Eye [The Left Eye Detective]

At first look, I thought this 8th episodes dorama was the live version of "Red-Eye Detective Yakumo" manga. I was wrong. Both are different!
But, after I watched the complete episodes, I kinda like it :)

The dorama was actually preceded by a special movie about what happen before the dorama. 

The special movie tells about Tanaka Ainosuke who's left eye slowly become blind. He has great talents in drawing. Therefore, his older brother, Tanaka Yumehito decided to give his left eye for Ainosuke. But after the transplantation, Yumehito got killed in a fire accident at his laboratory. Ainosuke doesn't believe Yumehito could be so reckless and caused the fire. Also, since having Yumehito's left eye, Ainosuke starts to see sights each time his head get hit. That pieces of sight connect him with crime action.

Ainosuke works together with his school doctor, Sayama Hitomi, to solve and stop the crime, which then lead to a surprising end...Yumehito is still alive and is the brain of the crime action. Ainosuke swears to stop his brother doing and challenge back by Yumehito. This lead to the start of the dorama episodes.

On the dorama Ainosuke get involved with Yumehito's crime plans, and succeed to solve it. At the end of the episodes, it revealed the intention why Yumehito set up the crime that actually connected to each other. It relates with the two brother's past. What past is it? Surprising and quite annoying if I may say ^^;

I don't know why, but I always feel like to slap Yumehito each time he shows up in the screen XD His face is quite annoying. The actor's act was good then? X3 The lead role was also good. Tanaka Ainosuke was act by Yamada Ryosuke, one of the member of Hey! Say! Jump! I recognize him from dorama "1 thousand gospel" with Kame-chan. Yamada's act has improved from the dorama with Kame-chan and also from when he act as Amakusa Ryu in Detective School Q, though he's still rolling the same, as a cold and grumpy young scholar.

Because of this dorama, I've become to like detective serials. And no...It's not because of Yamada that I start to watch it, though I also watched his act on "Furuhata Special Movie". It's just a coincidence!! *shout to the sky*

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