Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fed up

I've been acting coward again. I've been avoding someone around me. Though I know it won't do any good since me and the person are breathing the same air in the same place.....
It's not like I'm hating the person...well now I almost reach that point. That person is so damn annoying!

I like my weird and solitary world, and you just come in noisly. Saying things that only benefits you. Saying things so that you get all the attention. Acting spoiledly...I hate spoiled people! Sniffing around people's business. You are an egoist. I think I'm quite egoist, but you are more than me! You only concern with what you want. Always following me around. I really don't like being tail by you. You are the last person I would think to have a close relation with! I'm fed up and can't breathe freely when I'm with you.

And because of that, I might done something not nice.

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