Saturday, March 19, 2011


I realize lately I've been exaggerate with things happen around me.
Can't help it :D

The first one was with the changing of my chief. Finally I have new chief. He is Megane-kun. It's been a week for him, and he surely work differently with the previous one. It's normal. I'm going to miss the previous chief, but life goes on and I really would like to work well with Megane-kun. One different thing between them is, Megane-kun doesn't make me scared when talking to him. The previous one done it with his big body :D

The second one was with the L'Arc~en~Ciel - TWENITY release here. Though I don't think it quite bothering, but I realize how exaggerate I was :D What can I do? I'm loving them too much :3

And so, with realizing it...I make a decision to just accept everything as it is. Don't exaggerate too much because I would feel tired instead...and I would also feel's the feeling I don't want to have and ruin my times having it....

Then's part of me...being exaggerate...because I'm a hysterical person. Someone that be hysterical and panic in the beginning but slowly being calm and intent to not care after few minutes. I'm such a lame :D    

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