Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Can't stop loving you"

Since the news about Kimi's going to NASCAR, the song "Can't Stop Loving You" (Phil Collins) has been ringing inside my head. Some of the lyrics are suit my feeling about the news.

So, Kimi is going to NASCAR at this year Summer. I don't know whether he'll be permananetly there or is it just to have some fun? I also don't know either the news true or not. But through the articles and the confirmation from his manager, Steve Robertson, it seems the news is for real.

I could say everything is alright. I also could say that's the way it goes. Kimi always do what he likes to do.  But I would be pretending if I say it doesn't bother me. It did bother me. I feel quite bother with the news. It's a different feeling when his status to continue rally was still uncertain. That time I felt afraid I won't able to see him again, that my link with him will be lost for sure.

Kimi's going to NASCAR doesn't mean I would lost the link. Though I still can't watch the race, but Kimi will still be around. I still can get news about him. I still can see how he's doing through pictures and videos share by the fans.

What make me bother is..why does Kimi decide to go when things getting better at the rally? He's doing well at two beginning events. He has improved from last year. He's improving from times to times, from one event to another. He will do better. I'm sure of it!! Also, I believe he will make it at the rally. I can see he has the feeling for it now. He surely learn from last year season. And if he stick a bit more...that new dream he's making will be come true. I believe he can make it. I always believe it, just like his times in F1.

The sudden move make me confused. It makes me think that Kimi is also feeling confused what to do. It seems he's trying too many things in the same time and don't have the stand to do just one (to be focus in one thing).

I do feel proud with Kimi's progress. I'm proud he can do many incredible things. He's an awesome man for sure!! But I also feel he has pushed himself too far. From the time I knew he's making his own team....I know...I realize how he has work hard..maybe too hard that pushes his limits. He has deliver his self titled team, for the rally and motor cross. He will also deliver the same team at NASCAR. I think too many things are going inside Kimi's head right now. I know it isn't nice to have many things inside there at the same time.

Again...above are my own (selfish) thinking. I can't help myself from getting bothered and the thought just come flowing. I want to see Kimi succed at the rally. I believe he can succed, it takes time, but he will make it. I don't want the chapters end so early, just 2 chapters? Kimi can write many chapters about the rally, at least until his dream come true. The dream that I also want to be come true. The dream that I'm walking together with him.

Kimi hasn't confirm the news...but it's definitely going to be real. No matter what I'm writing here and everywhere, it won't change his decision. I wish it can though. If he's really feeling confused...I wish I can help him out. He will always have me for sure, my love and support are forever will be his. I won't give it to anyother beside him.

And so, whatever happen...whatever the decision...wherever he will go...I won't stop loving him. I won't stop my support and love for him. I will always support him forever. I will be wishing the best always for him. Because he is my love. My one and only love. He is my world. My everything.

Cause I can't stop loving you
No I can't stop loving you
No I won't stop loving you
Why should I even try?

I won't stop loving you, Kimi. Never!

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