Thursday, March 03, 2011

Boku wa....?

This post was made after I read a friend's tweet saying, "Are you a Cielers?".   

Every J-Rock's fan artist has it's own nickname. For example: Le Ciel and Cielers to mention L'Arc~en~Ciel's fans. Roses to mention Versailles's fans. SLAVE to mention Luna Sea's fans, etc.

Actually for me...I don't know what should I answer when being asked the question :D 
I like their music, I listen their songs everyday, I bought their stuff (albums, singles, DVD), but I don't feel I can be labeled with it. Since I might not suit the label :D I'm not a fans that looking every stuff of them. I just like to listen the songs, but haven't done much beside that.

Lame? Yeah, it's true. But, that's me :D

Actually, I'm a loyal type kind of person. I do cherish loyalty, so when I give my loyalty, you can assure it will be as long as I live (different case if I get betray instead).And I won't give my loyalty freely like a free lottery ticket.

If I put myself with the label, I feel I'm being bound. I feel I have to do things that a fans should do. I will do it if I want to, but I won't put every effort for it...

That's goes with Kimi too. I never call myself a fans of Kimi.
I'm a lover of him XD

*This is a random thought between my works XP*

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