Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Angel's birthday

I don't know whether Angels have a birthday. But, I know one Angel who has it.
She's my sweet and beautiful Angel.
An Angel that will always stay at my side. An Angel that always make me happy and smile. An Angel that care so much about me, understand me, and always encourage me.
She has become my light, my shining sun, my power, my spirit.
She's a part of me. My twin sister.
I really love her.
I want to see her happy and smiling. I want her to be happy.
So on for her birthday, I pray:

"My Dearest God, please give happiness and joy for your Angel. The one you've sent to earth for me. She has found me and I want to keep her. I want her to always be happy, to always have the smile and laughter on her days. Please take away all of her pains, sorrows, and difficulties. Please light her way, guide her, help her, and never leave her. Please take care of her always, as I can't be there beside her. Please let me do what I can do for her. The only thing I can do for her right now. Please let me love her now and also forever. Please let me hold her hands though only inside my dreams. Please always make her happy. It's what I'm wishing the most. Thank you"

Happy birthday to my Angel. You are the best gift in my life. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you forever! I really do!!
Happy birthday to my Angel, Satomi-chan.


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