Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Can't stop loving you"

Since the news about Kimi's going to NASCAR, the song "Can't Stop Loving You" (Phil Collins) has been ringing inside my head. Some of the lyrics are suit my feeling about the news.

So, Kimi is going to NASCAR at this year Summer. I don't know whether he'll be permananetly there or is it just to have some fun? I also don't know either the news true or not. But through the articles and the confirmation from his manager, Steve Robertson, it seems the news is for real.

I could say everything is alright. I also could say that's the way it goes. Kimi always do what he likes to do.  But I would be pretending if I say it doesn't bother me. It did bother me. I feel quite bother with the news. It's a different feeling when his status to continue rally was still uncertain. That time I felt afraid I won't able to see him again, that my link with him will be lost for sure.

Kimi's going to NASCAR doesn't mean I would lost the link. Though I still can't watch the race, but Kimi will still be around. I still can get news about him. I still can see how he's doing through pictures and videos share by the fans.

What make me bother is..why does Kimi decide to go when things getting better at the rally? He's doing well at two beginning events. He has improved from last year. He's improving from times to times, from one event to another. He will do better. I'm sure of it!! Also, I believe he will make it at the rally. I can see he has the feeling for it now. He surely learn from last year season. And if he stick a bit more...that new dream he's making will be come true. I believe he can make it. I always believe it, just like his times in F1.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life goes on

Life goes on
No matter how bad I want to repeat the past

Life goes on
No matter how I want to stop it right now

Life goes on
No matter how uncertain and scary the future is

Life goes on
And will go on because I have you beside me
That make me to like a bit about the life
So, let the life goes on
I will also go on with you

Thank you to my Angel, Satomi-chan!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kimi's Rally Portugal 2011: 7th place!

I'm so proud of Kimi. On the Rally Portugal, he has work hard and give him 7th place over all! Last year, at the same event, he finished in 10th place. He has break his own record! He's improving from one rally to another!! Another points for him!! If he can keep it as good as now, or even better...I'm very sure he'll succeed! He'll make it!! His hard work has make me more more proud and in love with him!

Tell me Kimi, how can you be that great? <3

Kimi has been doing quite well since the start of the stages. He never being far from 10th position. Stages done, and with a puncture on day 2, he still can make it. Yokatta ne~~~

I was following Kimi's news via, KRS Forum, Kimi Raikkonen's group on Facebook, and Ice One Racing group (FB). They all awesome! They give live report and make my heart beat faster with the newest post! I know I mustn't feel so happy since...I'm a jinx :D If I get to happy and excited, the opposite thing (aka bad thing) shall happen. Pathetic....But! Thank God, Kimi can make it! If only I can watch the race I would be jumping around like when his times at F1. This is one thing that make me miss F1.....

I'm really glad and happy with the result. Kimi has really shown himself, just like he always do. I'm sure people would less their doubt about him right now. Then again, I think Kimi won't care with that. He just do want he wants to do, his best. Again, he has prove himself on the track and not by words. It's far more affective than just talks, and Kimi is genius with it ;)

I'm very glad with Kimi's improvement. I'm very sure slowly he'll put himself in front. I believe he can achieve his new dream, and I will always be there to see him does it. It takes times and hard work, but if it's Kimi, I know he can make it. My faith to him never and won't ever lessen. I believe he can make it. I always believe it! Go Kimi go!! You can make it!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel: TWENITY

Finally I can have my hands over L'Arc~en~Ciel's Best albums: TWENITY.
I'd like to say my gratitude to Sony Music Indonesia for making these albums release in Indonesia. And also to Cielers Indonesia's effort during the pre-order of the albums. I even get 1 commercial poster; 2 pins, and 1 sticker as a bonus (gotta remind myself to check out music stores for the banner).

I'm so happy! Wasshoi! ^O^

Though it's not the Japanese versions, though it's not the box, but it still taste the same: L'Arc~en~Ciel!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

"In the end it doesn't even matter"

I knew it.
No matter what I've done. No matter how I care. In the end, it even doesn't matter for her.
I knew it. I knew I should never done it. I knew it will be going like this.
Then it shouldn't be feel that hurt. But when it happens, it really feel hurt.
I'm hurt because what I've done doesn't have a meaning for her. I'm hurt because I was so stupid keep doing it though I know the result. She will never see me. Then again, I don't ask her that.
I just want, if she isn't going to see me...then don't see me at all.
Don't call me when she needs something. Let me live in peace. Let me live my own life in peace.

I'm sick and tired always get into the same situation. I'm tired and fed up with that jerk attitude, acting like nothing happen. Gosh, I wanna smack him hard! If only I can hire an assasin to kill him. No, if only God granted me the ability, I would kill him myself!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fed up

I've been acting coward again. I've been avoding someone around me. Though I know it won't do any good since me and the person are breathing the same air in the same place.....
It's not like I'm hating the person...well now I almost reach that point. That person is so damn annoying!

I like my weird and solitary world, and you just come in noisly. Saying things that only benefits you. Saying things so that you get all the attention. Acting spoiledly...I hate spoiled people! Sniffing around people's business. You are an egoist. I think I'm quite egoist, but you are more than me! You only concern with what you want. Always following me around. I really don't like being tail by you. You are the last person I would think to have a close relation with! I'm fed up and can't breathe freely when I'm with you.

And because of that, I might done something not nice.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimi 2011

I know it's late. 2011 Rally season has get to it's second round at Mexico. But, Kimi doesn't compete in it. He will pass 3 rounds this year: Mexico, Italy, and Australia. Kimi said he would use the empty times to do some tests.

On the first round at Sweden, Kimi successfully finish in 8th. He has broke his own record from last year! I'm feeling so happy and proud of him, as always :)
But, Kimi is being mysterious thie season. He doesn't tell what he's going to do until the last minute of the signing up deadline for the rally. He doesn't reveal anything about his self name team, "Ice One Racing". I can't see his 2011 look before the season start. He even doing secretly practice in unknown place!

Maybe I'm being exaggerate? (again) :D But, it's not my's Kimi who'd been so mysterious with himself. He should have known how much influence he gave me. How I'm missing him every single minutes, every single day. How I always look for him? He becomes more mysterious than ever!!

But..thanks for his great followers, I manage to see his look for 2011. Not changing much. He's still awesome! There's one thing that change though, my love that getting bigger for him.

Now I present you...the 2011 Kimi ^3^

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I realize lately I've been exaggerate with things happen around me.
Can't help it :D

The first one was with the changing of my chief. Finally I have new chief. He is Megane-kun. It's been a week for him, and he surely work differently with the previous one. It's normal. I'm going to miss the previous chief, but life goes on and I really would like to work well with Megane-kun. One different thing between them is, Megane-kun doesn't make me scared when talking to him. The previous one done it with his big body :D

The second one was with the L'Arc~en~Ciel - TWENITY release here. Though I don't think it quite bothering, but I realize how exaggerate I was :D What can I do? I'm loving them too much :3

And so, with realizing it...I make a decision to just accept everything as it is. Don't exaggerate too much because I would feel tired instead...and I would also feel's the feeling I don't want to have and ruin my times having it....

Then's part of me...being exaggerate...because I'm a hysterical person. Someone that be hysterical and panic in the beginning but slowly being calm and intent to not care after few minutes. I'm such a lame :D    

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Winchester brother's fan fiction

Long time ago, I've made fan fiction's of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. I made it after I watched one episode when Dean was killed so many times over and over.  At the end of the episodes, Sam hugged Dean tightly, relieve that his older brother alive and still be with him. That's the feeling I want to show through the fan fictions. I hope I've done it right :)

I've come to post these fan fictions after Elex Media Komputindo has released the Supernatural novels. I'm reading the first book now, and the second book has been release on March 16th 2011 (in Indonesia). I'm surely going to bought it. The first time I saw the book cover, "Ah!! Dean!!" X3

The novel doesn't re-tell the story on the series. The story is a cross between the episodes, it's an independent story. Even so, it's still Supernatural! And I laugh reading the dialogues between Sam and Dean. I can feel as if I'm watching them through the screen. I know maybe it supposed to be a scary and thrilling novel, but can't help to giggle ^^

Thanks to Elex Media Komputindo that has release the novels. Finally for a bit I can like to read novel . Just like Anggi-chan said, "Dean has changed you" X3

And this my fan fictions of the Winchester Brothers:
Sam Winchester: "He's My Brother"
Dean Winchester: "He's My Brother"


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Once I made a promise to Mao-kun, " Mao-kun, I will surely bought (one) of your albums!"
And thank GOD  I can make the promise. I'm so proud with myself  ^^;
I've bought SID's new album, DEAD STOCK. And I'm loving the album. The songs are great, and also they've bring back the reason why I'm liking them...jazzy rock! The new album has few jazzy rock songs. Just like I've said, the only jazzy music I would hear will be only SID ^^

DEAD STOCK has 12 songs:
  1. NO LDK
  2. Shelter
  3. Cosmetic
  4. II Hito
  5. Ranbu no Melody (Album Mix)
  6. Rain
  7. Dog Run
  8. One Way
  9. Nigatsu
  10. Wife
  11. Sleep
  12. Sympathy
I'm happy since my favorite songs are include in the album: Cosmetic, Ranbu no Melody, Rain, One Way, and Sleep. But sadly CUT and UTAHIME (B-Side songs) aren't include :(
I guess later on they would release their second B-Side album. Hope so since I love CUT so much. The song can light up the spirit.

Thumbs for SID! They've made great album for sure, and it calms me in the night. Lately this one has become my lullaby. Mao's voice really calming :3
I'm glad I've saved money for it. I'm glad I've bought it. It's not a disappointment! It's worth it! My favorite bands never disappoint me! ^3^

And my heart was about to stopped when I saw him XD

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidarime Tantei Eye [The Left Eye Detective]

At first look, I thought this 8th episodes dorama was the live version of "Red-Eye Detective Yakumo" manga. I was wrong. Both are different!
But, after I watched the complete episodes, I kinda like it :)

The dorama was actually preceded by a special movie about what happen before the dorama. 

The special movie tells about Tanaka Ainosuke who's left eye slowly become blind. He has great talents in drawing. Therefore, his older brother, Tanaka Yumehito decided to give his left eye for Ainosuke. But after the transplantation, Yumehito got killed in a fire accident at his laboratory. Ainosuke doesn't believe Yumehito could be so reckless and caused the fire. Also, since having Yumehito's left eye, Ainosuke starts to see sights each time his head get hit. That pieces of sight connect him with crime action.

Ainosuke works together with his school doctor, Sayama Hitomi, to solve and stop the crime, which then lead to a surprising end...Yumehito is still alive and is the brain of the crime action. Ainosuke swears to stop his brother doing and challenge back by Yumehito. This lead to the start of the dorama episodes.

On the dorama Ainosuke get involved with Yumehito's crime plans, and succeed to solve it. At the end of the episodes, it revealed the intention why Yumehito set up the crime that actually connected to each other. It relates with the two brother's past. What past is it? Surprising and quite annoying if I may say ^^;

I don't know why, but I always feel like to slap Yumehito each time he shows up in the screen XD His face is quite annoying. The actor's act was good then? X3 The lead role was also good. Tanaka Ainosuke was act by Yamada Ryosuke, one of the member of Hey! Say! Jump! I recognize him from dorama "1 thousand gospel" with Kame-chan. Yamada's act has improved from the dorama with Kame-chan and also from when he act as Amakusa Ryu in Detective School Q, though he's still rolling the same, as a cold and grumpy young scholar.

Because of this dorama, I've become to like detective serials. And no...It's not because of Yamada that I start to watch it, though I also watched his act on "Furuhata Special Movie". It's just a coincidence!! *shout to the sky*

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silent Tears

On Friday afternoon, an earthquake followed by a tsunami has struck Japan. The power of the earthquake was 8.9 Magnitude and the tsunami height reached 6 meters. The tsunami washed away everything on the land: boats, cars, and houses. The water also flowing into the cities and become a flood. The electricity, communication's wire, and transportation lines has been ceased down.

The earthquake has caused damage in several places, including the nuclear reactor at Fukushima area. The cooling system doesn't work and caused radioactive leaking. The leak has catch several victims....
The earthquake was also caused fire on some refinery. But, luckily no victims was lost following the quake. It's the tsunami that takes many victims, especially people living near the coast.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Angel's birthday

I don't know whether Angels have a birthday. But, I know one Angel who has it.
She's my sweet and beautiful Angel.
An Angel that will always stay at my side. An Angel that always make me happy and smile. An Angel that care so much about me, understand me, and always encourage me.
She has become my light, my shining sun, my power, my spirit.
She's a part of me. My twin sister.
I really love her.
I want to see her happy and smiling. I want her to be happy.
So on for her birthday, I pray:

"My Dearest God, please give happiness and joy for your Angel. The one you've sent to earth for me. She has found me and I want to keep her. I want her to always be happy, to always have the smile and laughter on her days. Please take away all of her pains, sorrows, and difficulties. Please light her way, guide her, help her, and never leave her. Please take care of her always, as I can't be there beside her. Please let me do what I can do for her. The only thing I can do for her right now. Please let me love her now and also forever. Please let me hold her hands though only inside my dreams. Please always make her happy. It's what I'm wishing the most. Thank you"

Happy birthday to my Angel. You are the best gift in my life. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you forever! I really do!!
Happy birthday to my Angel, Satomi-chan.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My feeling right now is like a floating balloon in the sky....

Chief will be no longer with us....

It's not I won't see him again. We will still seeing each other. We will still be in the same office, but different department now.

I won't see him at his usual chair again. I won't see his big and scary body from the back again :D

Monday, March 07, 2011

The (small) Party

"Too bad it's only a small one,"
Meenk wrote the line as a comment for our little gathering on Saturday, March 5th, at Mbah Jingkrak Depok.

There were only 6 people who'd came to the gathering. I was hoping lot more though. But, it's quite fine. I was glad some people still would come :) Even people I don't expect to come, they show themselves suddenly. It's a sweet and happy surprise. 

It was only the 6 of us: me, Myu, Fitri, Patty, Palpax, and Meenk. But, it was fun! We laugh and talk about life and things happen around us. For a moment I can forget about how hard the life, works, etc. Everything was quite fun until they start to teased about Kimi *sword flashing around*

Oh well, above that teasing....the gathering was indeed quite fun. We spend 3 hours there. We also receive happy news from Meenk. He's going to marry on March 27th. And Palpax seem getting prepared to get marry too. It's boys again...where the girls go?? Thank God, I'm an half XD

For the truth, I was feeling upset about some people before the gathering. But the feeling disappear as I laugh with them. This gathering really give me good feeling. I'm glad I go to this small gathering. I'm glad I still can meet and laugh with them. I'm glad I stii have them as friends. At the time when I lose a friend, this gathering made up my feeling. At least, I can get along with some people. I think so :D

The next gathering maybe would be at Meenk's wedding. Surely many people would come, and hopefully I won't see people that annoy me there. I'd rather not seeing them at all, instead of getting annoy at the party. I know that people would also think the same.

Anyhow, thanks for everything guys! Thanks for the fun times! Thanks for the laugh (and not the teasing). You've make me happy. May you all be bless always!
Love you guys!


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Boku wa....?

This post was made after I read a friend's tweet saying, "Are you a Cielers?".   

Every J-Rock's fan artist has it's own nickname. For example: Le Ciel and Cielers to mention L'Arc~en~Ciel's fans. Roses to mention Versailles's fans. SLAVE to mention Luna Sea's fans, etc.

Actually for me...I don't know what should I answer when being asked the question :D 
I like their music, I listen their songs everyday, I bought their stuff (albums, singles, DVD), but I don't feel I can be labeled with it. Since I might not suit the label :D I'm not a fans that looking every stuff of them. I just like to listen the songs, but haven't done much beside that.

Lame? Yeah, it's true. But, that's me :D

Actually, I'm a loyal type kind of person. I do cherish loyalty, so when I give my loyalty, you can assure it will be as long as I live (different case if I get betray instead).And I won't give my loyalty freely like a free lottery ticket.

If I put myself with the label, I feel I'm being bound. I feel I have to do things that a fans should do. I will do it if I want to, but I won't put every effort for it...

That's goes with Kimi too. I never call myself a fans of Kimi.
I'm a lover of him XD

*This is a random thought between my works XP*

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The time can't be brought back.
You won't
We can have the future.
You have.
Thought things can be make up.
I would. You don't.
I won't say anything.
It's the end.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New profile picture: Yukkie-sama

I don't know what's get into me. After I watched "Honey 2007" live at L'7, I seem can't look away from Yukkie-sama! He has amazed me. His cool but silly act and his shy smile has captivated me XP
Because of that, I start to use his picture as my profile picture....EVERYWHERE!
The place that always fiil by hyde, now has been given to Yukkie :)

I don't know much about that android. All I can see is how serious he is when playing the drums. So serious that he doesn't notice what happen to ken at the live in Paris. Can't forget his confused look there. He's confused but his hands keep hitting the drums XD
Also the kindness he shows to a fan. When he's the one that offer to shake hands and not the fan. His sweet and shy smile, also silly act....just great! & <3 

And my admiration become higher seeing his cool pictures XP It really suits him.
So, I think I'll be using his image picture for a while. Until when? Only time (and hyde) can tell :D

And here's the android 8D

He's really awesome, right? ^3^