Monday, February 14, 2011

A great start: 8th place at Sweden

I just can't hold back this happiness.
Kimi has finished in 8th place at the opening of the rally season in Sweden! ^O^

He surely has work hard. I'm so proud of him! I was almost in tears when I knew the final result. At first, I thought he would be out from the big ten. But, it was better. He was aiming for 6th, but this final result wasn't that bad. Especially the progress he has shown on second day of the rally. He keeps improving his times! Once again he has drawn everyone's attention to his remarkable talent and ability. Congratulations dearest one!!

The complete result can be seen here

I even listen to his voice via World Rally Radio! It's for the first time I've listen to the live radio report. I don't expect to hear Kimi talking live through the radio. I heard his voice 3 times! ^O^ The most beautiful voice in the world! Finally I can listen to his voice again. He sounds...the usual him XD Glad he doesn't change at all. I feel happy and get blushed when he's laughing...

I'm so happy for him!! He has work hard to come to this point...and it hasn't finish yet. He's just starting it. He will make more surprises. He will improving day by day, from better to awesome, from awesome to great! That's what he is...the greatest one! 

Good luck for the next one Kimi. You will make it. I know you can. I always believe in you. I will always support you no matter what. Thank you for your hard work. You always make me proud! You always make me happy! Thank you for this happiness. I love you forever and ever ^3^

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