Saturday, January 15, 2011

Writing for chapter 2

Feuh...finally I can be relief. I think so :D

For the last few days, after new year for precisely, I was feeling bothered.
Why? of course because of Kimi.
Rumors has spread that Kimi will be retired from racing world after the sudden death of his father.
I instantly feel surprised. It's quite the same feeling when I know about the death of his father.
Then, I was feeling sad to think that I won't be able to see him again.
It's quite hard to follow him at WRC, since the local televisions and papers rarely cover the sport.
But, I can keep hold on as long as he's still driving. I'll find a way to follow him.
So, how can I follow him when I can't found him? The thought really make me stressed. People may said I was overreacting. I don't care. That's because I'm loving him so much, that his presence become so important for me.

Then strangely, I slowly became calm. I remember how panic I was at the time he walked out from F1. I was blaming and angry to everybody. I get annoyed most of the time. But, with this time departure, strangely I feel calm. I was questioning my self, why I can become calm? And I soon find the answer. It's because Kimi who has made the decision to leave. At F1, he was forced to leave, and I was so damn angry with how people treated him. And so this time was different. I can't be angry or feeling upset since Kimi's the one who choose the decision. I respect his decision. I had to.

But, good news come at the first day of the week, that Kimi is staying and will still compete in WRC. Even more, he will be competing with his own team, ICE 1 RACING. Kimi enter his name just one minutes before the closing! It's so Kimi! XDD Whoa~~~~ I instantly in tears! I was so fudging happy and could smile all the time, Kimi has made me so happy!! I love him so damn much!! There are still many unanswered question, such as what is Ice 1 Racing? If it's Kimi's own team, but why Citroen name keep being mentioned? Who has sponsored the team?

For doesn't matter!! Though I bit curious too XP But, I believe Kimi will soon give his answer. The fans has just to wait again ^^ Then again, thinking that it's Kimi's own team...make me so happy and proud! Kimi has surely work hard to be at this stage. I can understand why he'd took times to decide. It's a big decision! And that's why I feel so happy for him. I'll be wishing that he can get good result at his 2nd season of WRC. I believe he can do it. He has learn his first lesson last year, and now it's the time to show the result of his learning *finger cross*. I believe he can make it. I will always believe that. Kimi never fail me, and he will never fail me. I will always support him, and will always do so whatever happen.

That's because I love him.

Kimi's 2nd chapter will be start on February. He will be competing in the rally Sweden. I can't wait to see what he could come up there. My best wishes are only for him.

I'm loving him more and more!


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