Friday, December 23, 2011

A year ago

A year ago shocking news came.

Kimi has lost his father.

It's a sudden news. No further information about the caused of the death. The family just want it to be private.
I can understand that. Because I was having the same feeling. I was feeling so sad as if as one of my importan person has gone.

Without the support from his father, Kimi won't ever be like now.
Without his father, Kimi won't become the person that I love so much like now. In fact, I won't ever know him in my life.

Dear our dad,
Dear Matti,
It won't be enough to say words of gratitude. Even so, thank you. Thank you so much for everything you've done. You won't ever be forget. You will always be remember. You will always be miss. You will always be love.
Please, keep watching Kimi from up there.

The Reason

The question aroused sometimes ago. And being a stupid, I can’t answer it correctly. I just said that I like it without any further explanations. And it doesn’t stop there.

Friend: “Why do you like Japanese music?”
Me: “I just like it,”
Friend: “Then you also like Korean music?”  
Me: “No, I don’t,”
Friend: “Why? Isn’t the same?”
Me: “Of course not. It’s different,”
Friend: “What’s the difference?”
Me: *thinking* “Well, they are different,”

orz… great answer KiRai-kun…

Once a friend also spot me when I was watching vistlip show at nico nico. She saw me laughing.

Friend: “Do you understand the words written there?” *points at the computer screen*
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Do you understand what they are saying?”
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Then why are you watching and laughing when you don’t know what they’re saying?”
Me: “It’s just fun to see them,”
Friend: “You’re weird”

orz… I know I’m a weird person, but somehow being told directly like that quite gave me a bit shocked (:D).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE – personal review

On December 14th, 2011, vistlip has released their 2nd album, ORDER MADE. I’ve order the vister version with a DVD as a bonus. The vister version consists of 16 tracks, with 4 instrumental songs and 12 songs track. And the DVD bonus consists of 3 videos: music video, music video actorless version, and a making of. I’ve been playing the CD over and over now, and haven’t got bored of it. I won’t ever get bored. What can I say? I love them more and more now.

As always, this is my personal review of the album, so it’s surely has a lot of my subjective point of view (^^).

  1. chapter: GEAR
It’s the opening track of the album. It’s a short instrumental and Tohya is the one who composed the track. The track uses the sound of clock ticking and heart beating which I think gave dramatic feeling when listen to it. As if I’m waiting for something. I bet they would use it as the opening theme on their lives, just like the one on Gather to the Theater.

  1. the wonderland from LAB.
Tohya composed the song and I admit I was so surprised he can compose such rocking and head banging song like this! The songs starts with some kind of electronically sounds along with heavy rocking guitar playing and a long scream before Tomo’s voice came out. My guess the one who scream and played the guitar is Umi-nii (^^). All the way I can hear Umi-nii’s rocking playing and his scream! I love the sound of it! I love the sound of the music! It’s a perfect one for live performance. I want to see this song being performed live. It will be a rocking and head banging one!

  1. android’s dream
Tohya composed the song again. It’s a light and catchy music, along with his light drumming play. Tomo’s voice also feels a bit light. I guess it’s to suit the condition of “dream”.

  1. RETRO
Music is composed by Tohya, and the music isn’t that different with android’s dream. Actually the both are quite similar (^^), but RETRO is a bit faster, cheerful, with up and down guitar playing. It will be fun to hear it during live.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My smile in the evening

Yesterday vistlip was having a special program at nico nico. The Indonesian fans were going crazy, including me XD I wasn't sure that I would be able to watched it. But, Heaven was being so kind to me. I manage to watched half of the show! ^O^

The first one was showing Hakuei. Sorry but I really don't know who is he :D
At this point the connection was going sooooooo slow that the picture doesn't changed at all orz
I've already giving up to watched the exactly 5.30 pm, the connection getting fast and there they were!!! The five boys! The Five Barkin's Animals!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back Fetish

Once I said that I have a back fetish. But, it's not just anyone's back. Obviously I have to like (or interact with) the person before I like his back XD
And so finally I've found pictures that shown Umi's back!
My gratitude for Tohya who has taken and put the pictures at his blog. You're a good stalker, Tohya! X3

That back, somehow I feel it warm and giving sense of "older brother" *jumps out to his back* X3

Monday, December 05, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel live viewing in Jakarta (December 3rd, 2011)

At last I was able to go to the 1st Jakarta’s L’Arc~en~Ciel live viewing 20th anniversary concert. I said the first because there still second and third live viewing on December 10th and 11th. For the note, Indonesia is the only country who held 3 times live viewing. Sugoi ne~~~

The December 3rd show was actually intended to be held on November 26th. But due to “technical problems”, it get suspend to December 3rd. I was lucky I still can change the date and through long process, I finally succeed to serve two tickets for me and Ni-chan.

When I was going to meeting point with Ni-chan, an incident happened inside the public car. A woman was losing her two cell phones. It seemed that one of the passengers has stolen the phones. But, it was already late. He has got off from the car. And I remember I was smiling to the guy when he offered me a seat next to him, which I refused. I should’ve known that peculiar happenings aren’t stopping there.  

Ni-chan trusted me with the route to the theater. It’s a hard trust since I’ve always been dependable to other people with directions (^^), and this time it was one way another. I’ve asked people for the route and get the best one from my sister. We’ll go by train and then took a taxi to the theater. It sounds easy? Yes, actually it is, except when there’s trouble with the train. The train was late!! I was worried we’ll get late for the live viewing. We leaved the train station at 2 pm and arrived at 3 pm at Cawang Station. We quickly stopped a taxi since we don’t know how far the theater from the station. Traffic jam just made me more nervous until I finally can breathe a relief when we arrived at the theater at 3.30 pm; along the way, the taxi driver was talking and cursing about the cars, the traffic light, and the police. I was being a good listener (X3).  

We quickly went to the theater and found there aren’t much people around the ticket’s booth. It seemed I’ve worried too much (as always ^^;). After getting the ticket, we’re going to take Ashar prayer and look for lunch. It was a very late lunch (for me), and maybe because I was too hungry or too relief that we safely arrived at the theater, I bumped into a branch and scar my arm. It gets bleed (and as a vampire I quickly thought, “What a beautiful color” XD).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Bash!!

I know it's late...but! It's never too late to celebrate a happy events: the birthday of two of my favorite boys!! XD

First one on November 24th, it's yukihiro-sama birthday~~~ Happy birthday yukkie-kun!!
Hope he's having a great day. Hope he celebrate his birthday with a smile and laughter, surround by his friends, also showered with love and care X3
I wish him a long and happy life with success and joy. May he will always be happy and smiling. May he stay healthy and can finally eat well. Not too many like the princess, but just enough will be nice XP

Then on November 28th, the birthday of the most ecchi person I know (beside Yasu), Ken-chan birthday~~~ Omedetou Lion~~~~
I bet Ken-chan is having  a great birthday. I won't doubt it XD
I wish Ken-chan a long and happy life. May he reduce (or permanently stop) his smoking. May he always smiling and enjoy the music he's done. And may he stays ecchi!! It isn't Ken-chan if he's not being ecchi! XDD

Happy birthday, guys!! Everyone know how old are you, so I won't say it. It's just, the older your age, the more you're looking awesome and mature XD

Love you!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE covers + song list

The days has slowly passed. The time has slowly ticking.
I'm counting the days. I'm counting the time.
To the sacred date: December 14th, 2011. The day vistlip 2nd album will be release. ORDER MADE.

And here are the amazing covers. Design by my one and only, Umi-nii (X3)

[CD only]

[CD + DVD]
Bonus: video clip, video clip actorless version, making. 

[CD + 36 pages booklet]
Bonus track: BLACK-TAIL [Re:birth], 36 pages illustrations. 

The song's list:

M1. chapter: GEAR
M2. the wonderland from LAB.
M3. android's dream
M5. closed auction
M7. entrance of NIGHT PARADE
M8. milk&macaron
M10. Evil Rider
M11. exit of I am...
M12. Drama Queen
M15. Hameln
M16. chapter: END

16 SONGS! 16 SONGS! Wasshoi!! ^O^

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

vistlip new look!!

Since yesterday my heart has been forced to beat faster because of a just few seconds of vistlip new PV. Today, it beats even faster because of a few minutes of the PV preview and also this...

[hold my breath...Umi-nii look so fudging awesome!!!!]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blood Alone (manga)

Blood Alone is a manga title by Masayuki Takano. So far 2 volumes has been release in Indonesia by Level Comics.

The story tells of a writer name Kuroe who lives with a little girl who is also a vampire, Misaki. The story how the two can live together is still a mystery, along with Kuroe real identity; he’s not an ordinary writer, and no writer can fight demon and vampires with bare hand; and also how Misaki can be a vampire. I guess as the volume continues, the mystery will be revealing, as always ^^

I’ve read the review on Wikipedia. And I’m too lazy to write it so here’s the link ^^

The progress of the story seems will be interesting, though I really dislike many sides love! And it’s hiatus on volume 7?? Great….  

Anyway, what I like from the manga? It’s not about the vampire story or either the mystery within…but because the relationship of Kuroe (an adult) and Misaki (a 10 years old vampire). It’s a Lolita’s love? X3 *slapped*. Seeing the two also reminds me of Haruka and Mamoru from Until Death Do Us Apart. That’s the main reason why I buying the series, different age love XDD

Well, Misaki is luckier since Kuroe seems to have the same feeling towards her. And Misaki is also quite aggressive with Kuroe. She once asked for a hug as a reward for giving Kuroe a Valentine’s chocolate…WTH? XDD

While in the other hand, Haruka has to fight for her feeling (beside her life) since Mamoru always think about fighting. I don’t know will there be real love between them, though Haruka has mentioned that Mamoru is her future husband X3 Ganbatte Haruka-chan! X3

Here's the manga's cover that make me like it X3 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


When I was about to go home, a friend said to me.

Friend: "You look different,"
Me: "Why?"
Friend: "You look more...shine,"
Me: "Hah?"

How can I shine when I was tired both mentally and physically?
How can I shine when I was feeling stressed?
How can I shine when I have many things inside my head?

Then I realize what I was doing before I meet up with the friend.
I was watching video of... vistlip.

I was laughing with the video, smiling and feeling excited. I still smiling  with the five of them inside my mind.

Looking at their picture can make me smile. Watching their video can make me laugh. Thinking of them can make me happy.

They are awesome.
They are so shining.
I love them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Rui!

Today I'm feeling so excited. Because today is vistlip's bassist birthday. It's Rui's birthday!


What I like from Rui:
  1. His beautiful, gentle, and sweet smile.
  2. His beautiful face (^^)
  3. His funny voice
  4. His style
  5. The way he enjoys himself on stage by singing and moving along with the song
  6. And mostly I like seeing him goes blank when the others were talking XDDD 
I'm wishing Rui to have a great birth day. He has posted about his birthday on his amebla blog. He seems very happy receiving many emails and birthday messages. I'm happy Rui gets so many love :) 

May Rui always live happily. May he always be healthy. May his dreams become true. May he gets what he wants. May he always keep smiling. May he stays beautiful :) 

Happy birthday, Rui. As time goes by, I hope your daydreaming habit could reduce a bit. Though it's one thing that I also like from you XP  

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The ordinary me

I've just found out that a friend currently is studying in Russia. I've known since long time, that when the friend had something she wanted, she will do anything and worked hard to get it. Going to Russia is one of her dreams, and now she's not only going there but she's living there. I got a feeling that she won't go back here if she can ^^

I'm feeling happy for her accomplish. I'm very happy she can make her dream become true. I'm happy and very proud of her.

I can't lie that I was also envy with her. All this time I only said that I wanted to do this and that, but I never really worked it out. I do many thinking instead that lead me nowhere. I never done what she has done. I never done anything to make my dreams come true. That's why I think myself so lame.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Come and Go

For the past couple of days, some co-workers has been resigning from the job. The reasons were different for each of them. But, I think everything still connected by one: choices. They choose to resign no matter what caused them to made the choices.

One night, while I was riding home with my brother. I seen the people on the street and the question of age came (again) to me. I've forget how old I am and had to count it again (XD). And when the number came made me thinking about my...future.

Where will I be few years from now? Will I still be working at my office? What would happen to me? What would become of me? What would become of my life?

The thoughts lead to worries and fear. Though I know I would quickly forget it and remember it later (XP).

Once I've also been thinking to go to dad's hometown and take care our inherited land there. We have a land that has been planted with Salak fruits. The Salak's taste aren't the same like the one from from my uncle's land. Ours were bitter. Then I have the thinking to replant the land again, either with a better plants or maybe having new plants there, whatever...I just want to work the land!! It seems fun, it seems exciting, it seems challenging, it seems FREE! Yeah, that's for sure...I'll be feeling free. Free to do what I like, free to think what I want, free to feel, free to decide, free from pressure and obligations, free from responsibility.

Am I just want to run away from the life I've been living?
Will my time come? My time to "come and go"?


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The rumors are getting tense. The truth might be reveal on or after the Indian GP this weekend. I do hope so. Because the rumors make me so damn excited.

The return of Kimi to F1.




Though I've said that I don't care where he would be, as long as he's racing, as long as I can still see him, but to be honest I miss him in F1. I want him back to F1. I'm sorry, Kimi. I have a strong reason why I want that. Because the sport is the only one that being cover by local television. Not only that, it's the same with the local newspapers. It's so hard to catch with his news when he's doing rally, even NASCAR or Le Mans. None of that being cover here :'(

So, if Kimi really come back to F1, I will be so happy~~~~~ ^O^
And along with that "if", comes many "if"...

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I won't ever go anywhere on weekend when he's having a race. As a good lover, I have to watch him carefully, and only put my attention on him (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start reading news papers again, watching TV again, staying up late just to watch his race, making reviews,  and making also collecting articles and pictures of him again (^O^).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start my life again. The sun in my world will shine once again. My dark and cold world will get the light and it's warmth back. My life will be running again. (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I might get a chance to see his live race and say the words I've been wanting to say directly to the man, "I love you" (8D~~).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, just having the thought make me so excited! (>.<). I will be feeling so alive again! I will like the world again, the world where there's him, my everything.

And somehow...I have a good feeling about this rumor. Hints are everywhere, just need to wait for the man to speak the truth. And when it happens, my heart beat would stop for a minute before I break down and cry....

I love you, Kimi. I really do.
I love you so much, always and forever.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Surprisingly I love flowers! :) Here are some flowers at my house. Seeing simple things like this make me smile and happy. I just love the nature :)

The Roses.

Monday, October 24, 2011

[vistlip – (my) Revelation Space review]

Warning: this post contains very obvious fan girling. Please, spare me ^^v 

On October 19th, 2011, Vistlip has release their final live DVD at Zepp Tokyo (on July 7th, 2011). One thing I love from vistlip is their live performance. It’s because of watching their live performance that makes me getting so deep with them. And that’s why I've encourage myself to purchase the Revelation Space DVD though I don’t really have the proper player to put it on (XP).    

The DVD came just in time when I was missing them so bad (actually I’ve miss them every day). It feels so damn good to see them, to see their live. I want to see their live for real… Umi-nii’s saying to come to Tokyo and see them has added my urge of going to that country. I doubt they would have show around Asia… They would come to a country when there’s an event, and I think Asia is one of the areas that rarely having such event… orz   

Anyway…The live was started with introduction of the members from the big screen above the stage. The BGM was Sindra and the members were introduced by showing their picture from Sindra, along with their name and words from the opening of Sindra. The one that get so many screamed was Tohya (XD). And I just can’t hold my laugh when Umi’s picture appeared along with “hollow” word (XDD). After the introductions, the live was finally started with, Ozone, a song that fill with dreams and hope. The second song was Next and they don’t stopped for taking a break and continue with one of my favorite songs, Dead Cherry. They have amazed me again with their energy, playing rocking and fast song in quickly turns like that (O_O).  

When Tomo said, “Tadaima,”, the crowd (and me) were saying, “Okaeri~~~~”. Sigh, I wish I can be there. I’ll be in tears for sure (TwT). My admiration gets more and more as Umi started rapping for Five Barkin’ Animals, the band’s of introduction song (^O^). I LOVE THE SONG!! And the way Umi started it with a rap just made it PERFECT!! (>w<). Tomo was doing a MC before the song played, and I thought he would introduce the members in normal way, such as “this is Tomo on vocal” sort of thing (XP). Tomo then asked Umi to started something, and I was thinking Umi would started the introduction, but no~~~ Umi started it with a rap!! I LOVE IT SO FUDGING MUCH!! I was singing along when the song get to the part, “Rui and Tohya” and “Yuh and Umi”. GREAT! GREAT! AWESOME!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A silent letter.

Dear Umi-nii,

Today I was feeling disappointed with myself. Actually to be honest, I have experience the feeling for quite sometimes. And usually I can deal with it. But, not today. You know why? It's because of you.

You may not realize the meaning of your existence to me.

 I've been looking up to you.

You are the strength for me. You are the one that bring me the spirit. You are the one that keep remind me to work hard. And I've fail to do so.

Now you understand why I can't easily ease the disappointed feeling? Because I was feeling ashamed. I feel ashamed with myself that can't be like you. I've look up to you, making you the source of my strength, the source of my spirit, but I didn't make it.

I'm sorry....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love!

My dear,

I'm so grateful with the day I've found you. And I'm so bless with the day you was born. You are the greatest gift that the mighty God has gave me. This love for you is the greatest feeling that I ever had. Loving you feel so naturally for me. It's like breathing the air. I can't live without breathing. I can't live without loving you.

You are my love, my sun, my life, my world. You are MY EVERYTHING.

This eyes are only seeing you. This mind is only thinking of you. This heart is only loving you.

Thank you for existing. Thank you for coming into my world. Thank you for making my cold and dark world shine. Thank you for making me love you. Thank you for just becoming you.

I love you now. I love you tomorrow. I love you then. I love you everyday. I love you always. I love you forever.

Happy birthday my love.
May God always bless you with happiness, good life, good health, and success.

I love you. I really do.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE update

Updates on vistlip second album, ORDER MADE, release on December 14th, 2011.
  1. Regular edition (first press with a trading card). Price: 3000 yen.
  2. Limited edition (36 pages of booklet, lyric, and trading card). Price: 3600 yen. 
  3. Limited edition (with DVD of music clip from new song, the making of video, and a trading card). Price: 3600 yen. 
This eventually update my earlier post. There's a slightly changes in the prices. But, it still expensive :D 
Going to do deep thinking about this release ^^ 

"music clip from new song" --> means there'll be a new music video release? That's great!! This I can't wait! ^O^ 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ganbaruyo, Umi-nii!

Seeing Umi-nii's picture below, I just want to put a glass of warm coffee at the table and say to him, "ganbaruyo". It seems Umi-nii is working so hard, as a leader and also as one of the band's member. Wish I can really say the word to him. Wish I can really give him the coffee.
Ganbaruyo, Umi-nii. ^w^

[the picture is from Rui's blog].


Finally they have arrive~~~~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance*
I've been waiting for so long and I believe they were also feeling the same, wanting to be with me asap (XD).
And here they are~~~~ My lovely ones~~~~

Actually they have arrived weeks ago, but I just have the time to show it off now (XP).
Okay, now let's see what I've got

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A calling from the dark.

I'm feeling gloomy today.
Things happen around me.
And at time like this, I miss you who always cynical with life. Cynical keep us alive, right?
I miss our mockery about life and the people.
I miss our teasing and sharing our crazy thoughts.
I miss being inside the darkness with you.
I wonder...have you walk into the light now?
I haven't.
I like the darkness. It's where I belong. It's where I can be myself. It's where I've found you.
So, I'm staying inside this darkness. Hoping that someday, I will found you again.

Best regards,

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am what I am!

Last Saturday was one of my college friends wedding. I've went there with my friends. We have so much fun. For a moment I can think and feel about other things than work. I was thinking that hanging out with old friends was one way to "escape" or "running away" from real life XP

But, there's one thing that annoyed me that time.
The question why I didn't wore the same outfit with the rest of my friends, though the bride has give the material to me. Yes, I didn't wore it.


Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Leader-sama!!

I've just realize that I never make any post about other member of L'Arc~en~Ciel on their's birthday. I only make for hyde XDDD

So, I made this post.

Happy birthday Leader-sama~~~~ aka tetsuya-san!! Wasshoi!! ^O^
Wishing you all the best: long life, happiness, health, success, and fortune. Why fortune? So he would stop put high prices for every L'Arc~en~Ciel's products X3

Happy birthday, leader! Will be counting on you now, then, and forever. Lead us always! Good luck our way!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy birthday Otousan!

October 2nd, 2011 is my decease father's birthday. If he's still alive, he would be 73 years old. I can't imagine his look with the age neither his appearance. Yes, I can't since he's not here anymore.

I don't have good memory about father. I think I've forget some memories during my childhood as the impact of his death. I lost him when I was little, maybe around 1st or 2nd grade of elementary school. Me and sister sometimes is still debating about the exact time (XP)

My father was a handsome guy. I remember thinking that when I grow up and want to get married, I want to marry a man that looking like him XP

My memory about father is like pieces of puzzle. I can't really remember it full, only some pieces that felt more like a dream. I remember when father ride my bicycle in order to make me happy. I remember he carried me on his arms when one of my earring was taken by bad guys. I was crying and blood run down from my wounded ear. I remember when he chased me with a broom because I was naughty. I hide under the table that time. I was so afraid and thought why he had to be so cruel wanting to hit me with a broom. Years later I've found out from my sister that father was actually smiling at that time. He was teasing me. I didn't see him smiling since I only saw his feet from under the table. This truth quite give me a shocked because I always feel father doesn't like me. He only like my sister.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

vistlip funny Q & A

A friend post this article on V.I.P.LIST group on Facebook. I can't stand not sharing it here. It's so hilarious!! The interview was taken at JapanExpo in 2009.

Q: What animal would you liken other members to, and why? 

A. Tomo.
Yuh - a cat called Sphynx, because he's slim. 
Umi - Chupacabra. Looks just like it! 
Rui - Prairie dog, because he's always looking around. 
Tohya - White bear, because he's white and looks like a bear. 

[me: Tomo's answer is making sense and really fits to each member descriptions, except for Tohya, "white bear, because he's white and looks like a bear". XDDDDDDD].

A. Yuh. 
Tomo -  Monkey. Everyone says so, don't they?
Umi - Nurarihyon, because he's a king of monsters. 
Rui - Sloth. The name tells it all!! 
Tohya - Tapir, because he seems easygoing. 

[me: Yuh-san, how do you know Tapir is an easy going animal like Tohya?? XDDDDD]. 

A. Umi. 
Tomo - Monkey, as you can see. 
Yuh - Bird, as you can see. 
Rui - Iguana, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dolphin, as you can see. 

[me: Yeah!! Umi-nii, you rocks!! His answer describe everyone in the most simple and understandable way! XDDDDDDDDDDD]. 

A. Rui. 
Tomo - Monkey, because he looks like it. 
Yuh - Bird, because he looks like a chick. 
Umi - Beast, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dog. He has an image of friendly type. 

[me: Rui-san, bird resembles Yuh because he looks like a chick. What "chick" do you mean? Chick for chicken or chick for girls calling? XDDDDDDD]. 

A. Tohya. 
Tomo - Lion. He's worthy of a king. 
Yuh - Leopard, only because he's slender. 
Umi - Rockhopper penguin, only the head. 
Rui - Giraffe. He's a nonchalant type. 

[me: Tohya, what's with Rockhopper penguin head that resembles Umi? XDDDDDDDD]. 

Mostly they agree that Tomo is looking like a monkey and that Umi is so scary that every scary looking animals fits him XDDD 

Help! They are killing me!! XDDD 


Friday, September 30, 2011

vistlip on the move

Yeah, beside having lives, working on the live DVD and new album, vistlip is also busy with some activities such as: event stores, interviews, covering on magazines, and model clothing. Here are some results of the activities.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Until Death Do Us Apart (manga)

Until death do us apart is a manga series which the story isn't resemble the title XP and that's what make it interesting for me. To be honest, this series don't attract me at first. Because of the title, I thought it's a romance drama and cheesy story. I was fully wrong XP

The story is about Toyama Haruka, a young girl that being chase because she can predict the future. When she's being driven to a place, she meets this blind swordsman, Hijikata Mamoru. Haruka gets out from the car and ask Mamoru to save her. Haruka offers diamonds and pearls as the payment for Mamoru's protection and "until death do us apart" as the time limit of the protection. Mamoru was surprised but eventually do the offer. Mamoru beats the bad guys that chase down Haruka. And when Mamoru asked her where was her parents, Haruka break down and cried.

That's the opening story. Since then Haruka joins Mamoru's team in fighting criminals. Haruka's ability is very useful in completing every mission they have, but Mamoru also often refused to trust it. Mamoru only believes his own ability, and if he get killed it's mean he doesn't have enough ability and not because he doesn't trust Haruka's predictions.

Monday, September 26, 2011

vistlip update! (release).

Update for releases from vistlip.
On October 19th, 2011, vistlip will release a live DVD: [Revelation Space]. The DVD will also include the one man live at Zepp Tokyo from July 7th, 2011.
Here's the preview of the DVD cover:

And they play my favorite songs: Ozone, Dead Cherry, Five Barkin' Animals, Lion Heart, SINDRA, and Hameln. Wasshoi!! I really can't wait for this!

For their 2nd full album, the title is ORDER MADE and will be release on December 14th, 2011. There are 3 types of album:

  1. Limited Edition vister (CD+DVD). Price: 3780 yen.
  2. Limited Edition lipper (CD+ 36 pages booklet). Price: 3780 yen.
  3. Regular Edition (CD). Price: 3150 yen. 
Details will come soon...I hope :D

Umi-nii...why do you have to make 3 different versions?? Furthermore, I know that each versions will have different kind of song lists. So eventually the fans have to buy all three to get the complete release *crying alone at the corner*.

Friday, September 23, 2011

September to October release (so far).

I'm quite late making this post. I should have made it at the beginning of September. Oh well better late than never. And this only for my own reminder about what excitement I would have days ahead :)

  • September 21st, 2011. 

Acid Black Cherry has release a new single: Pistol. The single consist of 2 songs, Pistol and a recreation track. The release also mark the start of 5 months continuously release from him. And though Yasu still hasn't mention the exact time, but he will release a new album on 2012.
[picture credits: LJ].

  • September 28th, 2011.

SID will release a new single: Itsuka. The single consist of 3 songs: two are new songs and one is a song from their live. Itsuka will be their first single after the release of Dead Stock (2nd album). I already like Itsuka, especially the video. The video concept is interesting!

  • October 5th, 2011.

Angelo will release a new album: Babel. The album is special because they don't release any single before it. This make me very curious about the songs in the album. The 2 new member has also give their participation in the album, and I'm really anxious to listen what kind of music they will give.
[picture credits: LJ].

  • October 12th, 2011.

L'Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single: X X X. I like the song but not the video. The video is too slow and full with blonde girls. I can't clearly watch mina-sama because of the girls. 
[picture credits: LJ].

  • October 19th, 2011. 
Acid Black Cherry will release another single: Shangrila. But, what I mostly waiting for is the release of vistlip DVD: Revelation Space!! ^O^ This release that had made me not buying Mina-sama's single...gomen ne :D I don't know where I would watch it, but the important thing is I have it! XDDD *baka* I can't wait for the date to come, for my copy of the DVD to come...please be hurry~~~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The value of silence for Finns

It happens again.... The guessing about where and what would Kimi be doing next year. The fans and the media are guessing, analyzing, watching, assuming...but the man himself still hasn't say anything. Rumors are spreading out and to be honest I'm tired with rumors. So, I'll just wait for Kimi to speak himself (or maybe email me if he has time XP)

Anyway....the silence of Kimi has been well known. And not only him, but Finnish people are like that. They cherish silence (X3). I've quote the descriptions below from a Finnish fan at FB group.

"There's an old saying in Finnish that translates as: Speech is silver but silence is gold. Frivolity in conversation is not an attribute valued here. If it isn't important, or the answer is obvious, then keep quiet. Also be aware that you can talk in church and even at a funeral but in the sauna silence is not only gold. It is 24 carat."

I laugh hard reading the above words. I know that Finns love sauna so much, but never thought it would be that valuable for them (X3).

Also, below is a story to reinforce the above quotes.

An elderly married couple are at home in their kitchen. The husband is reading his newspaper while sitting at the kitchen table. His wife is sitting in a wooden rocking chair knitting another pair of woolly socks for one of their grandchildren. They have been sitting in silence for some time when the wife looks over to her husband and says: 

"You know Matti, you never say you love me." Matti looks up from his newspaper, thinks about this statement for a minute and then replies carefully. 

"50 years ago, when we married, I told you I loved you. If the situation changes I'll let you know." 

So fudging sweet!!! >w<
I'm smiling after reading the story!

My dearest one, Kimi. I do feel the same. I still love you from the day I fall in love with you. And I will be still loving you now, then, tomorrow, and forever!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel new look and new single!

I have so many posts to make...but this one absolutely came first!

L'Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single on October 12th, 2011!!! The title is XXX (read: kisu kisu kisu). The track list are:
  1. XXX
  2. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version-
  3. XXX (hydeless version)
  4. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version- (hydeless version)
XXX..kisu..kisu..kisu...mmm...I really curious how the song going to be...naughty perhaps? X3
And this is just so fudging great!! I can't wait  for the release.
But, sadly I'm going to skip it this time... :D I've planned to buy something on October. The release of this single is like a test for me, but I've made up my mind (also have order the stuff).

And...this is their new look!!! *Q*

Sunday, September 04, 2011

SID new look!

SID shall release a new single this September. The title is [Itsuka].
And for celebrating the release, SID has also reveal their new look.
Here they are:

The single's picture:

Mao-kun looks skinny and a bit manly XP

Aki looks cool! I like his hair style :)

Yuuya looks young, like a young scoundrel! X3

*gulp* Why PINK, Shinji? O_O

Friday, September 02, 2011

New fan fiction story is up! ^^

New fan fiction story is up. Well, I've posted two of them at my LJ. But, the new one is add with picture and prologue so hopefully readers could understand the content of the story.

And here they are:

1. Destiny of The Lovers 2 (Versailles FF)
2. Happy Birthday Yuh! (vistlip FF).
3. Sam Winchester: He's My Brother (Supernatural FF).
4. Dean Winchester: He's My Brother  (Supernatural FF).
5. My Dear (a fans PV story script).

Hope people can enjoys it :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H

Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H for all the moslem people in the whole wide world.
May Allah SWT always bless us. May all of our good deeds can be acceptable. May our sins can be forgiven. May we all can meet again in the next of Ramadan month. Amen :)

I haven't done my best (again) within this year of Ramadan. But, I would also say that I've improved something, though just a tiny bit :)
I can hold my desire better than last year. But, I still can't hold the feeling of anger, depressed, and jealousy. I also still moaning, demanding, lazying, and protesting, instead of being grateful to Allah SWT.

But, I do grateful. I'm grateful that I'm a moslem, though not also that quite strong ^^;
For me, Islam is the most beautiful religion in the world. It gives me peace and comfort. And I know that Allah SWT will always be there for me. I might neglect Allah sometimes, but I can't ever turn away.
And the view that mostly can touch my heart is the view of people doing the prayer together. It feels majestic :)

Anyway, I'll quit my babbling now.
Happy Ied Mubarak~~~~~ May Allah SWT bless us all :)

Just saying...

You may see what I'm doing was wrong, that I should not have react like this.
You can call me anything: dickhead, dumb ass, asshole, cold blood, etc. I don't care.
I don't give a damn.
I just don't want to pretend that there's no problem.
I don't want to smile when I don't feel to.
I don't want you to be happy by doing something I don't like.
You may kiss that bitch ass and I will keep being like now.

You may say that I'm not a children anymore, that I have to act more adult.
You're right. I'm not a children that can be seduced with money and gifts.
Do you think that will be enough?
It won't ever be enough for the things you've done in the past, for the trouble you've caused, for the hurt and pain you gave, and for the neglect you've done. 
I'm not a children so that's why I can think clearly.
I don't like when you pushing me around, wanting me to do what pleased you.
I  don't like you pretend, smiling, and acting as if you don't know what's the problem. Dumb ass!

They may forgive and accept what you're doing now.
But, I won't. I won't ever forgive you, especially after what you've done now... I won't ever forgive you.
You may keep hoping and they may become your support. I won't take any part.
You may do whatever you like, but keep off from me.
You don't have to worry or bother with me.
I still approve to breathe the same air with you, but I'm not giving a promise that you and the bitch won't become a thin air to my eyes.

Enjoy your day. And I will also enjoy mine.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

E.M.P.T.Y = The Answer

I finally find the answer of the empty feeling.
Today, I've watched an interview of Oprah with J.K. Rowling. And the famous author has said it all for me.

"When you feeling sad, you can cry. But, not when you're feeling depressed. You would feel empty and hopeless."

And that's the answer, why I was feeling empty? It's because I was depressed!!
Yay! At least now I know what's happening to me XP

Angelo's new and complete look!

Here's the new and complete look of Angelo, with 5 members!!
I agree with the hope that they would be more visual. I do hope so! :)

They are looking great! Even so, I still feeling bit strange to see Angelo with 5 members. But, as a good fans, I would absolutely give them a chance :)

*picture's credits: Angelo's LJ Fan Base. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Angelo: 5 members

I was very surprised with the news I've read on twitter.
I quickly checked the LJ fan base and also a site that I regularly visit to get news about J-Rock's world.
And it's official... Angelo has sign in 2 new members!!!

They are: Kiryu (ex- D'espairsRay) and Giru (ex-Vidoll). Both will be the guitarist.
I feel sorry for the additional guitarist that has been working with Angelo for all this time....
Also it means impossible for the other ex-members of Pierrot to join the band. It's impossible for Pierrot's resurrection now...

And to be honest... I really know nothing about the new members. I've heard the name of the old bands though, both bands were just breaking up. The news about the breaking ups have shocked the fans. I bet the news of them joining Angelo would also give the same effect (^^).

Still I'm very anxious to hear Angelo's new works with the new members. They will release new album on August 5th, 2011 with the title: [BABEL]. But, I don't know whether Kiryu and Giru has give participation in the album or not. Anyway, I just can't wait!!

Congratulations Angelo! Congratulations Kirito-san! And... Good luck! Best wishes for you!

p.s. Now I have to look a new picture to replace the old picture of Angelo on my blog (XP).


I was feeling empty through out this week. I felt that my heart have lost something. But, I also don't know what was I've lost. I know the reason what made me feel like that, though. It has been a stressed week for me! >.< And it will be still sressed for weeks to come. I won't feel relief before we have the Grand Meeting, which would might depend my steps in the future. Kowai ne~~~ Yeah, it's throbbing and that's why I have the empty feeling.

And when I was feeling like that, I put on SINDRA by vistlip. And guess what? I felt that I wanted to cry! Seriously, I was inside the bus and my eyes were starting to get teary as the song played. I quickly said to myself, "What the fudge?!!". The song has really struck my feeling. I know the meaning of the song, it's about the band that has decide to walk again. The song is their first step of returning and continue to pursuit their dreams.

With the song, they are saying that they've walk again while I was thinking the opposite way. I was thinking to stop walking. I was feeling tired and need to go somewhere to ease my mind aka running away. That's why I almost cried when I heard the song. Because I was feeling guilty, lame, confused, scared, worried, chicken, and losing confidence with myself. I don't know what to do. I was feeling alone. I was feeling embarassed with myself that had the thinking of running away from life, even to stopped walking. I felt embarassed... How could I stop when they are start to walking?

In the end, I didn't cried, not even single of tears, even when I reached home (usually I will burried myself under the pillow and cried ^^;).

I stiil have all those feeling though. But, also a bit calm. I realize that there's no point to keep worrying. I just have to face whatever happen. I try to see the positive from all of it and do the best that I can. Hopefully Allah will bless my way :)

Many thanks vistlip! If isn't for the song, SINDRA. I might be really stop walking. Love you guys more and more!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Saviors

There were times when I want to give up, to quit walking, to condemned myself, to arrived at the point where I hate myself. And these people have saved me, they are my saviors :)

hyde-sama with his song, "Prayer". The words from the song have saved me from the feeling to "end everything".

Mao-kun with his words, "If you think [this is tough] even once halfway, you'll lose. Clear your heart and keep thinking of happy things".

Umi-nii with his spirits and scary look as if he'll get very mad if I give up ^^;

The one that has saved me for so many times. He has saved me just with being himself. I love him with all my heart. He's my world, he's my life, he's my everything. I love him till the world's end.