Saturday, December 04, 2010

Jang Geun Suk: Man with thousand faces

Lately, I've been watching Korean drama with Jang Geun Suk in it.
The first drama I've watched was "He's Beautiful". At the drama, Geun Suk plays as Kang Taek Kyung, a cocky and arrogant band member. I was quite impressed with his acting there. He can be so annoying as Taek Kyung, but also can bring out the character's charisma and charm. His image as Taek Kyung has also inspired one of my short stories XD 

And now I've been watching "Beethoven Virus" where Geun Suk plays as Kang Gun Woo, a young trumphet player who wants to be an orchestra conductor. And again, he has surprised me with his act on the drama. He plays so differently! He has become Kang Gun Woo and doesn't leave a trace for me to see Taek Kyung. He surely has incredible talents! I can say this because I'm very rarely watch Korean drama, and Geun Suk is one of those who attracts me XP  

And on his newest drama, "Marry Stayed Out All Night", Geun Suk plays as a rock star who gets in an agreement marriage. His style on the drama reminds me of....Adam aka hyde!!

I'll be damn....
Usually I would hate people who imitating hyde..but..but..I admit...Geun Suk really suits the style! XD He can be like hyde and really suits it! ^^
Well Geun Suk was said to be liking L'Arc~en~Ciel, and for that he has learn Japanese by himself. He has add another admiration from me :D

He also can sings and I've been enjoying his voice lately. It took times to recognize his voice ^^ He has quite good voice, and I like it when he sings cheerful songs. It suits his real character as a cheerful person.


Anonymous said...

he is an amazing doubt... i especially enjoyed "you're beautiful'.....

LMHVG said...

me too i luved him in ur beautiful!!! n luved it wen he first smiled in it