Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishing upon the sky

I always love the sky
Though I would feel sad when I look at it
I'm thinking of you who are far away from me

Hopefully someday I would feel happy looking at the sky
As I turn around, you would be there beside me
Breathing the same under the same sky (read: roof)

*After a short dream on the bus ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The lost of our dearest dad

The shocked came with an email from Satomi-chan......

Kimi has lost his dad. 

One week ago, Matti Raikkonen (Kimi's dad) has passed away in the sudden. The family asked for a private time and doesn't reveal the reason of the sudden death. Matti was in his 50th of age. 

It was sudden for sure. It was shocking. I can't believe it really happen. But, after I checked all the fans forum, I must accept that it's true. I still can't believe it even until now. 
I still remember Kimi has wrote somewhere that he would be in Finland during the season's break, and would have an early Christmas and New Year's celebrations. I was thinking it's an answer for me after I ask what would he do on the break season... (^^) 
So, the news become a surprised for me, and I believe it's also a surprised for Kimi and his family. 

And somehow I can feel the pain. I was shocked and keep repeating to myself that the news was wrong. I can't think. My mind was blank. I wanted to cry, but I can't since I was still in the office. But, every time I was alone, I can feel the pain; every time I do prayer, I remember about Matti; every time I close my eyes, I want to cry. And I did cry, after I reach home, I cry for few minutes.... 

I feel as if I'm losing my own family member....

It was hurt and sad. At first, I was thinking about Kimi's feeling...the thought of him being sad fills my mind and it make me sad. But, after it Matti was on my mind. I was sad for him. 

To our dearest dad,
I'll pray for your soul. May you rest in peace. May the Mighty God give you the righteous place in Heaven. You deserve it after the good deeds you've done, especially for your two sons. They are your proud. They resembles the greatness in you. Thank you for everything. You will surely be miss.....Farewell our dearest dad. 

Matti Raikkonen (RIP)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dipa asked me, "Why you can be expressionless like that?" 

Well, we just found out that one of our friend had been married for about 2 years. All this time we thought that she was engaged with her boyfriend. We never expect that she had been married even having a daughter. She's also younger than Dipa and me :D 

My first expression about the truth was, "Mmm..." and...Flat! XD 
Seriously, I was surprised but that feeling doesn't show up on the face. I look cool and calm, and maybe a little bit ignorant. It isn't the first time Dipa felt strange with my expression, and it surely not the first time I've been expressionless like that. 

I don't know how and why I can be expressionless. It just happen :D But, usually I become like this when with people. I can be so expressive when I'm alone XP 

But, after thinking about it again...I finally find the answer. 
Why I become expressionless is because of...KIMI! XDD 
He's the coolest and the most expressionless man in the world and he influences me too much XDD

My Kimi ^^

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Lately I'm living with fear. I'm feeling scared. I'm afraid that I would lose everything. I'm afraid I would lose my precious things. And I also feel alone.

And there's nothing I can do to ease the feeling :(

For the truth...I'm feeling really scared now...I don't know what to do. The feeling is like a shadow that follows me everywhere. It's like wound that heal but I still have the scars. It's like a footprints that I still can see the trace. It's like a sin that has been forgive but not forgotten. I can feel it and I'm depressed...

It's depressing and tiring me...I really don't know what to do. I'm just hoping it will be only my own thinking and won't ever become true. I'm praying it won't become true.

I'm in the lowest part of my life.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The return of VISTLIP!


I was so freaking happy with the news! There hadn't been any news from them after the accident. I was really worried though on their blog they said everything was okay. I can have a slightly relief.... :)

They said that their happy and healthy, and they would coming back though not sure when ^^
They are also working on new song. I will be anxiously waiting for that! The complete announcement can be read here 

I can't believe that I'm missing them XD I just know them for a while and been liking them since then ^^ I really can't wait for the return. With many bands are disbanding lately, VISTLIP return will taste so great!! 
Welcome back, guys~~~~~~~~

VISTLIP - Hameln

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The man with violin

Lately I've been liking man who plays violin :D
I don't know why I liking it.
I feel that man who plays violin is looking sweet and romantic, but also still manly XP
And this is the one I've been drooling with lately
But, of course in very much different drool with Kimi <3


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Jang Geun Suk: Man with thousand faces

Lately, I've been watching Korean drama with Jang Geun Suk in it.
The first drama I've watched was "He's Beautiful". At the drama, Geun Suk plays as Kang Taek Kyung, a cocky and arrogant band member. I was quite impressed with his acting there. He can be so annoying as Taek Kyung, but also can bring out the character's charisma and charm. His image as Taek Kyung has also inspired one of my short stories XD 

Friday, December 03, 2010

Angelo - Design

It takes me one month, but finally I can get it. My first Angelo's album, DESIGN. It's also the band's fourth album and the newest release from them (October 6th, 2010). 
I've been liking them and decide I would bought the album. And I'm glad I bought it :) 

  1. Blind light
  2. El Dorado
  3. Noise
  4. Design of infinite circle
  5. Hikari no kioku
  6. Speak to deep colors
  7. Fate
  8. Eve
  9. Rasen
  10. Last song
  11. Lotus bloom
I'm glad they put my favorite songs on the album: "El Dorado", "Hikari no kiouku", "Speak to deep colors", and "Fate". The other songs are also great! I never get bored turn it on over and over. I really like Kirito's voice, and the whole music just add the greatness. 

Angelo's devoted fans said that the album is sound more "pop" than their previous albums. I quite agree. Even so, I still can feel Angelo's style on every songs. They still gets their dark and gloomy sense, though in a softer way. I think they have to do that for getting more attention from foreign fans, just like what they've planned with the release of the album. I hope their hard work give good result because I'm liking the album so much, and I hope other fans feel the same too. I know little chance for them to come to Indonesia (maybe it's impossible!), but I still wishing them the best and success!