Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy and Sad

I'm still feeling surprised. 

This Sunday, My childhood's crush will be getting marry. I know it isn't right to feel what I'm feeling since yesterday. I was feeling sad and annoyed. 

Well, I know that between us won't ever be any special relationship. But, I like him. I really do. It's hard to saw him with his girlfriends. But, I can hold on that time. Now, I must see him standing happily beside someone he will spend the rest of his life time. Sorry, but I can't stand that. 

I'll be wishing him happiness, but please forgive me. I can't come and see him there. I just can't. I know I will get annoyed if I go. I don't want to become hating him instead. 

Congratulation for your marriage. I'm truly wishing you happiness. Now you won't ever know my feeling for you. But, I still like you and you will always have special place in my heart. You will always have it. 


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