Monday, November 08, 2010


I've been thinking to make an "escort" bussiness. 

It's a bussiness where I would accompany someone for at least one day. But, it's not an escort in negative way. My "work" would only be as far as friend does. If the guest need someone to talk, I would be the pairing partner. If the guest need to be listen, I'll become a good listener. If the guest need to be accompany to an event, I will be the partner. If the guest just need someone around and don't do anything, I'll be as quiet as a rock XP 

That's my description of "escort" work. In Japan there are known as "host" who company guest drink and talking. Same kind like geisha too, but I only will stick with friend's doing. My cost is cheep, just pay the bill for me and add with extra cash for the time I give.

So, anyone interested to hire me? :D 

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