Friday, November 05, 2010

Acid Android: 13 Day Dream

acid android

Track list:

  1. Guide into daydream
  2. Violent Parade
  3. Gamble
  4. Clockwork Dance
  5. Useless Action
  6. l.w.o.m.f.p.p. Just an android
  7. Violator
  8. Balancing Doll
  9. Defunct
  10. Swallow Tail
  11. A Moon Tonight
  12. A Lull in the wind
  13. Lullaby

Just like with Re:Creation 2 from ABC, I’ve taken back my words about this new album from Acid Android. From my personal opinion, among L’Arc~en~Ciel’s member, Yukkie aka android-kun is the most not suitable one to become a vocalist XP Me and Anggi-chan share the same feeling about this hehehe We think android-kun is better with drums than with a microphone XP

But, I do cherish android-kun hard work. And for this album, I raise my thumbs for them! It’s a great one! I know I haven’t listen to their old works, but present is far more important than the past, right? I’m quite surprised android-kun can make slow, gentle, and beautiful tone. Well, most of the songs are really resemble his music, techno. But in some songs, android-kun has shown his other side, his gentleness, like in “A Moon Tonight”, “A Lull in the wind”, and “Lullaby”. I think it’s not his other side, but the truly him. I always feel that when android-kun puts down his drum sticks, he becomes a soft and gentle person. One of my favorite in this album is “Violent Parade”. Each time I listen to it, I always do the head shake android-kun use to do hehehe It’s the song that better to listen than to watched the video XD

My conclusion: good job android-kun! Really good job indeed!

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