Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Your life is not yours alone”

It’s true.

No one can have their life just for them shelves. Because human is a social creature that will always interact with another, whether they like or not, either they want it or not.

You may choose not to care, but there will always people forcing you to care. You may ignore stranger, but you won’t ignore your friends and family. You can’t. Your heart won’t allow it.

I’ve been there. I’ve once try to be an ignorant person, not caring with my surroundings. I fail. Though I don’t like it, though I don’t want it, I was forced to care. I was forced to admit that my life isn’t mine alone.

It’s sucks, right? ^^

But, actually the words isn’t complete. The real complete words are:

“Your life is not yours alone. There will be people who’d care for you. Who’d cry when you’re sad. Who’d be smiling when you’re happy. Maybe not every people. But, surely there’ll be one, Me.”


satsuki with violin

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