Friday, October 29, 2010

VAMPS 2nd Album: BEAST

Track List:
  1. Plug In
  2. Devil Side
  3. Angel Trip
  4. Memories
  5. Euphoria
  6. Vamp Addict
  7. Revolution
  8. The Past
  9. Piano Duet
  10. Rumble
  11. Get Up
  12. Samsara
  13. My First Last

Among the member of L’Arc~en~Ciel, Hyde-sama is the one that mostly being productive with his solo work. On the past July, he with his duo formed band, VAMPS, has released their second album, BEAST.
It’s quite good album, though I feel Hyde-sama is being more western here than with the 1st album. Actually I’m not really into this album, not like with the first one that I keep playing over and over. But Hyde-sama has really done a good work with it. My favorite ones are: Devil Side [I surprisingly love this song!], Angel Trip, Revolution [though the video is quite weird XP], and Memories.

I think the best time to enjoy this album is when working late at night, or when I want to concentrate more with my works. This album can helps ;)   

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