Friday, October 22, 2010

Satsuki: UPPER REGION (Mini Album)

One of the albums I’ve been anticipated this year was the mini album from Satsuki, “UPPER REGION”. It was released on September 2nd of this year. The albums consist of 6 songs with some remake songs from his previous singles.

Track list:
1. Awake (Upper Region version)
2. Ryuushi ni toketenagareru namida to memaino sou ni ranhanshasuru saisei no koe
3. Moonspiral (English Ensemble)
4. Horizon
5. Crystal (Upper Region version)

Upper Region only have 2 new songs, with the rest are remaking songs. I don’t understand why I’m feeling “so-so” at first heard of this album, since now I’m getting addicted. I’ve listen the songs in the original version, so maybe I don’t feel any different with the songs in this album.
But, after I listen to it for many times, and also reading Satsuki’s interview about the mini album, I come to understand what he’s trying to give within the songs. If I don’t miss interpreted his words, Satsuki is trying to give the feeling of sacred, purity, fantasy, imaginary world, heavenly sense; I can’t describe it very well with words (especially in English). In short, the feeling that I felt when listening to his songs is the same feeling when I see the clear blue sky, with some clouds here and there ^^ And I think it is the feeling what Satsuki wants the people to have when listening to his songs.

Good job Satsuki! You’ve made it. Yokatta~~~

Satsuki said he sings in Finnish at the album, I’ve listen over and over, but still can’t found which songs he sings with Finnish words ^^; He also like to have some lives at North Europe, since it’s one of the region where he get lots of support. I wonder would he like to have a mini tour in Indonesia, just like Core of Soul has done. Doubt it though ^^

And the 2 new songs are great! Though the second track has a very long title (I don’t know how to call the song). The video for the song is also lovely. Thanks to the song, one of the doors at my imagination’s chamber has opened ^^ Horizon is also a great one. It’s a gentle, soft, and swaying song. Also, I was very surprised when I see Satsuki plays the violin at Awake video. I can’t stand with a man who play violin! I think it’s the strong reason why I get addicted with the album ^^

I quite fond with this album and hopefully other people share the same feeling with me. I’m glad Satsuki is still Satsuki inside this new work of his. He stills give me the same feeling with his previous singles. I love his singles and I absolutely love this mini album. Satsuki, who I describe as the moon prince, now has evolved to be an angel, the prince of light ^^

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