Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Great Brother

1. Byakuya Ichigo [BLEACH]


At his first appearance, I was already like this cool 6th division leader. But, I don’t like what he has done to Ichigo and also Rukia. He’s cruel and coldly lets Rukia to be punished even though she is his sister. But I change my mind when I know his reason. Yeah, I knew it, Byakuya is cool XP He has become that cool and cold with Rukia because of his position as the family’s head and also the 6th division’s leader. Byakuya was bond by the rule and also by his own words.

After Ichigo has made him realize, Byakuya has change a bit, especially with his attitude towards Rukia. He has become a sister complex! He will move when Rukia is in danger, even to risk his own life for her. I just like the way Byakuya caring for Rukia. Though he still acts cool but it’s also feels warm. But, for worrying too much with the sister isn’t a good thing too. Even Ichigo has said about how Byakuya has turn to be quite a gentle person.

Byakuya-sama, it’s alright to feel guilty for what you’ve done in the past, but please don’t become so over protective with Rukia. You will lose your coolness that way.

Byakuya: “1000 Sakura spread out”

Even become a sister complex or over protective with Rukia, Byakuya-sama will still be my favorite kind brother to have XP

2. Dean Winchester [Supernatural]


My number one brother to have! Sam is so fudging lucky to have Dean as a brother! What would he ask? Dean will always care for Sam no matter what happen. Dean will always be there for Sam. Dean will always protect Sam and never let him hurt. Dean will risk his own life for Sam. Why? Because Sam is his only family left. Not only that, even when their father was still around, Dean has always beside Sam. Dean has become a substitute for their passed away mother and also busy father. Dean knows how their father loves Sam the most, but that doesn’t make Dean jealous and abandon Sam. Dean still at Sam’s side.

Dean loves his car, and would freak out when it get broken. Dean also loves to eat, gambling, and make jokes even when their fighting demon. Don’t ask about girls, He loves them XP He hates demon and will destroy them without second thought. Dean will also be so angry if Sam gets hurt and would do anything to protect his little brother. Even though sometimes Dean looks so annoying with his jokes, but that what makes the series not too serious and fun to watch. I can imagine how the series will be so serious and gloomy if there’s no Dean.

For what Dean has done for Sam, for what he has done with the series, Dean has absolutely become my number one favorite brother. I won’t mind at all to have him as a brother. It will be exciting and fun crossing the country with him and fighting demon. I think I’ll be more feeling fun than scared XP

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