Thursday, October 07, 2010

Acid Black Cherry: Re-Birth


Track List:

  1. Re:Birth
  2. Furare Kibun de Rock’n’Roll (Recreation Track)

Finally one of the most been waiting single album [for me] has been released! It’s the “Re:Birth” of Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu-san! Finally he has return! Welcome back Yasu-san! *gunyu-gunyu dance*

Yasu-san has done great work in this newest work! I’m so happy and relieve for him. He is really being “Re:Birth”! The song is awesome! The video is also great. Yasu-san is looking so damn great! He’s looking great, fine, and better! I don’t get bored watching the video over and over. I like the way Yasu shakes in the video, though not as hot as Hyde did ^^; Yasu also tried to be looking sexy with his staring, but sorry Yasu…Hyde can do it better! XD Just keep with your naughty and pervert mind, right? XD I also don’t get bored listen the song! The song is the theme of a PS3 game and it really suited the game theme. It’s quite energetic and catchy song. I really love it so much!

The second track is another recreation track and Yasu-san has also done great work with it. It’s a happy and cheerful song. I love his voice in it. He sounds so damn funny! If Hyde-sama voice feel so majestic, then Yasu’s voice always make me laugh XD His voice is so damn unique! I can’t wait for his next work! I hope there’ll be new album soon! Go Yasu Go! Your “Re:Birth” is a bless!! XD

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