Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Versailles News!

Just when I thought all the excitement for this year has done, here comes another one. It’s from Versailles.

On the last live tour at Japan, Versailles has announced a new member. His name is Masashi and he would fill the position that the late Jasmine You had left, the bass.

My first thought about the news: “Yeah! Finally they have a complete formation!” I’m so excited! Then second thought come after the excitement become calmer: “Who the hell is Masashi?” XDD

Found the quick answer. Masashi is the additional player on bass for Versailles World Tour. So, he’s been around the band’s activities. That’s good! I hope with Masashi’s on the line, Versailles will become more and more awesome! As for Jasmine You, I don’t think his place had been “taken away”. Jasmine You will always have a special place in Versailles. No one would replace him. No one.

And next…Versailles will release new single on October 27th, 2010. The title is: DESTINY – THE LOVERS. It will be the 1st single with Masashi officially in the band. I hope it will be good :)

Welcome to the club, Masashi-san~~~~ Let’s do our best from now on *hand shakes XD*


[Versailles new front line]

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