Monday, September 20, 2010

Me, Myself and Kimi (part one)

I won’t ever forget the day when I firstly know Kimi. I was reading his news on the newspaper. People were talking about his controversy to join F1. At that time, he was still young and less experience in driving formula car. Even so, FIA gave him Super License Driver so he would able to compete under FIA’s observation. Kimi stunned everybody at his debut race in Melbourne 2001. He finished in 6th place and score early points for his team, Sauber-Petronas. From that point, Kimi has amazed people who at first doubt him. And he also has amazed me who decided to be his fans :D

Since then, Kimi has amazed me.


He has a unique personality. He walks on his own road. He always does and talks whatever he likes. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He doesn’t listen to criticizes. He’s living his own world. And what amaze me, he can still hold on! He hasn’t change from the first time I saw him till this very moment. He is still the same Kimi, a one honest person that I will always love.

Kimi has change though, from a young driver to a more mature and talented one. I’ve also change, from being his fans to his lover. I really love him with all my heart. And I’m glad I able to see him changing throughout his years in F1. Sometimes it makes me smile seeing his old pictures, comparing with now, yup! He has surely changed. But, my feeling for him is still the same. I’ve watched him through happy and bad times. And I would still stay for many times, don’t matter how bad it is. I will still be there backing him.


My admiration for Kimi has increased day by day, just like my love for him. No matter where he goes, what he does, I will still look at him. When there’s no one, I will always there for him. When there’s no one looking at him, I have my eyes just for him. He will always be my world, my shining sun, my raining drops, my blue sky, my love, my life, he’s my everything.


Some people said what I’m feeling for him is foolish thing. For me it isn’t. I love him and it’s for real. I’m not a fan who only collects picture or news about him. I’m not someone who would only scream from the side of the field. Actually, I’m quite honest with my feelings for him. I called him stupid when I think he has done stupid thing. I called him arrogant when I feel he’s being so. But, I won’t leave him for that. I won’t leave him just because he has shown his other sides. I like his honesty for being what he is, the honesty that makes me more loving him. Also with his words and thoughts, Kimi has the way of common people thinking, but being in the world he’s living, his thoughts become quite strange. It makes him look unique, though for the man himself, it was usual things.

with you

Someone has asked me the reason I love Kimi so much. The same question has been asked long time ago, and I couldn’t answer it. It’s not because I don’t know why I love him; I love him so much that I couldn’t find any reason for not loving him. Kimi is someone that really deserved to be love. It just makes me wonder why people couldn’t love him.

mi love

p.s. Thanks to Satomi-chan for Kimi’s lovely pictures~~~

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