Thursday, September 16, 2010

After the feast

Happy Idul Fitri to whole Muslim people~~~~ May Allah SWT always bless us and give happiness to us and also forgive our mistakes and sins. Amin!

This year Idul Fitri was quite different for me. I don’t have my family to celebrate with. They were going back to my father’s home town, Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. It’s just me and my mother at our home in Bogor. Actually my mother was supposed to come with them, but she didn’t stand the long journey and decided in the last minute to cancelled it.

I don’t want to admit it, but I miss my family.

Sometimes I feel there’s no room for me to breathe at home, but when they weren’t around, the house felt so big and empty. Also, it’s tiring to look after the house just by myself (my mother is too old to help me out). I would just come home from the office, taking a bath, then go to sleep after having dinner. It’s my daily activities that seem to be boring but I actually used to it. I can’t do that when there’s no one at the house. I’m the one that in charge of everything. Gosh! I miss my family!

It’s quite sad too for not celebrating the happy feast with the family. No laughing, no children voices all over the house, no cheering voices. I felt alone and lonely. I guess my mother was feeling the same since she kept asking when they will be back. It’s the same thing I realize at the time I was lying on my bed cause of sick, I need them. My family. No matter how annoying they are; how troubling they are; how foolish they are; how sometimes I feel tired and hating them; I still need them around. They are still my family.

I know I would regret this writings as soon as they are back. But for this moment, I just want to say it, I miss my foolish and crazy family. Hurry get back , so I can scold you again ^^


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