Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Versailles New Look

This is the new look of Versailles. Credits go to: Edoh-sama ^^

kamijo Kamijo. His eyes look awesome.

hizaki Hizaki. Still looking beautiful ^^

yuki Yuki. Nii-san ^^

teru Teru-kun. Finally I can accept his belly ^^

masashi Masashi.

Finally…I can see clearly the look of Versailles 6th member, Masashi! He’s quite a charm too ^^ Welcome to the garden Masashi-san!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sudden Lost

Lately sad things happen around me…

First, my friend has lost her being born baby. The baby died while still inside the comb, in wait to be born. She said it’s a slow reaction from the “bidan” (traditional delivering baby person) to suggest her to the hospital. On the last minute, she still can feel the baby movement, but it stopped moving on the way to the hospital.

I was very sad with the news. I was hoping for another nephew and also because she’s the first one between my closets friends that will become a mother. She looked very calm when I visited her. I brought her chocolate and grapes. I do hope it would cheer her up. She’s very calm when telling me what has happen, sometimes we laugh. There’s no tears from her. She’s smiling and looking fine. I guess she has overcome the lost. She’s so damn strong! I think I can’t be as strong as her if I was in the same situation. I was glad and relief. Though I know it was terribly hard for her, to lost such soul that she’s expected to have and had taken care for 9 months inside of her. I can feel the lost though I can’t cry a tear. I’m wishing the best for her and pray that the little soul will have the most respectable place beside Allah SWT. Amen.

Second, a sudden death happen to one of my “high position” people at the office. Mr. Mula Harahap, the big boss of Tangga Pustaka has passed away because of an sudden heart attack. He was gone while he’s sleeping. The news shocked me since the day before he passed away, I still seeing him. That time I was thinking to greet him Ied Mubarak, but I didn’t do it. I thought I can do it later. How I regret it now that I won’t ever see him again. I thought maybe I could have his last smile….

Mr. Mula was one of my respectable person. I rarely have people that I respected, so maybe he’s the only one. He’s tall and looking scary with his white hair, but the truth he’s warm and kind inside. One thing I’m so grateful was that I don’t feel as scared as the first time when I saw him. I can greet and see his warm smile, listen to his funny stories and jokes.

I have this wishes to show him this blog. I always remember his words at one training that I participated.

“A writer mustn’t stop writing and reading. Keep writing though it may be meaningless. Keep reading no matter how busy you are.”

His words has also encourage me to maintenance this world of mine. I wanted to show him the writings I’ve made. I want to know his opinions. I thought finally I have someone that I can ask his opinions for my stories. Now, all of it will be just a wishing and thought. I can’t ask him to do it now. I don’t want to bother his eternal sleep.

Sayounara Mula-san…though it’s a short time but I’m glad I can meet you. Thanks for your sharing experiences and stories. You will surely be miss.

p.s. Was it a premonition? After the Ied Mubarak holiday, I was cleaning files on my laptop. One of the folder there was named “Pak Mula”. It’s the file of his training I’ve been participated. The training was postponed and so I still keep the training files, incase it will be started again someday. I was confused that time, should I delete it or not? Since the postponed has taken long time. But, I decide to keep it, maybe it would be useful later. Several days later Mr. Mula passed away…Now I think I can delete the files. Since he won’t started the training again. So, was it a premonition?? 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Me, Myself and Kimi (part one)

I won’t ever forget the day when I firstly know Kimi. I was reading his news on the newspaper. People were talking about his controversy to join F1. At that time, he was still young and less experience in driving formula car. Even so, FIA gave him Super License Driver so he would able to compete under FIA’s observation. Kimi stunned everybody at his debut race in Melbourne 2001. He finished in 6th place and score early points for his team, Sauber-Petronas. From that point, Kimi has amazed people who at first doubt him. And he also has amazed me who decided to be his fans :D

Since then, Kimi has amazed me.


He has a unique personality. He walks on his own road. He always does and talks whatever he likes. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He doesn’t listen to criticizes. He’s living his own world. And what amaze me, he can still hold on! He hasn’t change from the first time I saw him till this very moment. He is still the same Kimi, a one honest person that I will always love.

Kimi has change though, from a young driver to a more mature and talented one. I’ve also change, from being his fans to his lover. I really love him with all my heart. And I’m glad I able to see him changing throughout his years in F1. Sometimes it makes me smile seeing his old pictures, comparing with now, yup! He has surely changed. But, my feeling for him is still the same. I’ve watched him through happy and bad times. And I would still stay for many times, don’t matter how bad it is. I will still be there backing him.


My admiration for Kimi has increased day by day, just like my love for him. No matter where he goes, what he does, I will still look at him. When there’s no one, I will always there for him. When there’s no one looking at him, I have my eyes just for him. He will always be my world, my shining sun, my raining drops, my blue sky, my love, my life, he’s my everything.


Some people said what I’m feeling for him is foolish thing. For me it isn’t. I love him and it’s for real. I’m not a fan who only collects picture or news about him. I’m not someone who would only scream from the side of the field. Actually, I’m quite honest with my feelings for him. I called him stupid when I think he has done stupid thing. I called him arrogant when I feel he’s being so. But, I won’t leave him for that. I won’t leave him just because he has shown his other sides. I like his honesty for being what he is, the honesty that makes me more loving him. Also with his words and thoughts, Kimi has the way of common people thinking, but being in the world he’s living, his thoughts become quite strange. It makes him look unique, though for the man himself, it was usual things.

with you

Someone has asked me the reason I love Kimi so much. The same question has been asked long time ago, and I couldn’t answer it. It’s not because I don’t know why I love him; I love him so much that I couldn’t find any reason for not loving him. Kimi is someone that really deserved to be love. It just makes me wonder why people couldn’t love him.

mi love

p.s. Thanks to Satomi-chan for Kimi’s lovely pictures~~~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Triple Releases from ANGELO

Maybe the new work from Angelo is the most been waiting release for me. But, why they have to make it triple releases?? I don’t get it but it still feel exciting XD

  • El Dorado (TV Edition)

cover BASARA

Track List:

  1. El Dorado
  2. El Dorado [TV edit]
  3. El Dorado [instrumental]

El Dorado is the theme ending song from anime Sengoku Basara 2. It’s a energetic song! The song is great. The video is great. The band is great! It’s my favorite song at the moment! I really like Kirito’s voice and also the band’s music. It’s not that dark like their early songs, but it still sound good!

  • El Dorado


Track List:

  1. El Dorado
  2. Speak to deep colors
  3. El Dorado [instrumental]

Maybe this is the real version of the song from Angelo. The second track is a beautiful song! I just love it like the way I love “El Dorado”. The music and Kirito’s voice is so beautiful and gentle. Even that way, I think there’s still the taste of “Angelo” in the song. I mean, no matter how beauty the song is, it’s still Angelo ^^

  • Fate


Track List:

  1. Fate
  2. Fate [TV edit]
  3. Fate [instrumental]

This is the third release from Angelo. The time between the releases is quite close, that’s why I quite surprised! Angelo surely is working hard. Fate is another ending theme for Sengoku Basara 2 and I like it just like the two releases. I wonder how they can make such great song and music like this. I also wonder how I can become to like them this much. They are surely so great! I become to like them more and more.

And the best part from them is that they are going to release new album on this October! What the fudge?!! I’m so excited with it! It’s the second exciting news after the return of Mina-sama XD Angelo’s position on my music list now has moving forward day by day. And I’m glad they did!

I’m wishing the best for Angelo and their foreign career. I bet after this they will be well known outside. How come people miss such great band like them? People don’t know what they’re missing. They miss such great and unique band!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

After the feast

Happy Idul Fitri to whole Muslim people~~~~ May Allah SWT always bless us and give happiness to us and also forgive our mistakes and sins. Amin!

This year Idul Fitri was quite different for me. I don’t have my family to celebrate with. They were going back to my father’s home town, Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. It’s just me and my mother at our home in Bogor. Actually my mother was supposed to come with them, but she didn’t stand the long journey and decided in the last minute to cancelled it.

I don’t want to admit it, but I miss my family.

Sometimes I feel there’s no room for me to breathe at home, but when they weren’t around, the house felt so big and empty. Also, it’s tiring to look after the house just by myself (my mother is too old to help me out). I would just come home from the office, taking a bath, then go to sleep after having dinner. It’s my daily activities that seem to be boring but I actually used to it. I can’t do that when there’s no one at the house. I’m the one that in charge of everything. Gosh! I miss my family!

It’s quite sad too for not celebrating the happy feast with the family. No laughing, no children voices all over the house, no cheering voices. I felt alone and lonely. I guess my mother was feeling the same since she kept asking when they will be back. It’s the same thing I realize at the time I was lying on my bed cause of sick, I need them. My family. No matter how annoying they are; how troubling they are; how foolish they are; how sometimes I feel tired and hating them; I still need them around. They are still my family.

I know I would regret this writings as soon as they are back. But for this moment, I just want to say it, I miss my foolish and crazy family. Hurry get back , so I can scold you again ^^


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Versailles News!

Just when I thought all the excitement for this year has done, here comes another one. It’s from Versailles.

On the last live tour at Japan, Versailles has announced a new member. His name is Masashi and he would fill the position that the late Jasmine You had left, the bass.

My first thought about the news: “Yeah! Finally they have a complete formation!” I’m so excited! Then second thought come after the excitement become calmer: “Who the hell is Masashi?” XDD

Found the quick answer. Masashi is the additional player on bass for Versailles World Tour. So, he’s been around the band’s activities. That’s good! I hope with Masashi’s on the line, Versailles will become more and more awesome! As for Jasmine You, I don’t think his place had been “taken away”. Jasmine You will always have a special place in Versailles. No one would replace him. No one.

And next…Versailles will release new single on October 27th, 2010. The title is: DESTINY – THE LOVERS. It will be the 1st single with Masashi officially in the band. I hope it will be good :)

Welcome to the club, Masashi-san~~~~ Let’s do our best from now on *hand shakes XD*


[Versailles new front line]