Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome back Mina-sama!

Maybe this is the most exciting news for this year, Mina-sama aka L’Arc~en~Ciel are finally coming back~~~~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance*

So this is why lately I have listening to their songs again. It’s a premonition of the good news. Yokatta~~~ Yatta~~~ I’m so happy!! XD

Mina-sama will start their 20th anniversary through a live on December 31st, 2010. Exactly at 00.00 time, they will start the celebration under the title, L’A Happy New Year! They will start the new year with their coming back! It’s a great way to start the year! That’s my number one band! XD 

They will also release new single! Great! But, there must be a new album. They already have enough songs to make an album. So, please make one! I have list few albums to bought, but with this news I’ve decided to put Mina-sama on my top priority! :) I love them too much!

I really can’t wait for the end of this year, to see them all get together again. I guess now they have enough money for the anniversary show, and so decided to come back as a band XP I can’t wait what will they offer us this time? Will it be like 2003 after their Shibuya Seven Days show and releasing SMILE? Will they continuously release new album? I wish!! What ever it is, I will always follow them~~~

Welcome back Mina-sama! Okaerinasai~~~~ Thank you for this great news!!

larc sama

They will always be my number one band!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Re:Creation 2: Acid Black Cherry


[Release: July 30th, 2010.]

Track list:

  1. Tenshi no wink
  2. Julia ni Kizugokoro
  3. Aitai
  4. Sailor fuku to kikanju
  5. Love is over
  6. Hershey
  7. Kamome ga ton da hi
  8. Sihouette Romance
  9. Glamorous Sky
  10. Ai no baka!
  11. Daitokai
  12. Last dance wa watashi ni

Recreation 2 is the newest work from Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu. It’s the same doing he had with the 1st Recreation album. On this album, Yasu cover some old songs with his own style. From ABC’s unofficial account on myspace, I found out that it’s going to be a ballad’s album.

At first I don’t have great expectation with this album. I don’t quite like the first one, but now I have taken back my words (I often doing it nowadays). I like this 2nd Recreation far more than the 1st one! Yasu has done awesome works with the songs! Though it’s old songs but Yasu has cover each of it with his own style and make me feel the songs are his XP I wanted to hear the real version, but I think Yasu’s version is the best hehehe

My favorite one from this album is AITAI. It’s a sweet, gentle, and beautiful song. The words are simple but flow like a story. The music is beautiful and Yasu’s voice was really awesome! I don’t recommend watching the PV, though I prefer it better than Devil Side from VAMPS XP In terms of pervert…Yasu is the best!! XDD

I’m happy Yasu has put in some of his B-Side songs. And it’s also my favorite! Julia ni Kizugokoro; Sailor fuku to kikanju; Hershey; and Ai no baka! That’s why I like this album! But, the most ultimate favorite is Glamorous Sky! I forget that Mika Nakashima was the one that sing the real version. I keep remembering Hyde has done it XP But, Yasu doesn’t change too many with the song. Maybe he wants to keep it as close as the real version, since it’s the works of his God, Hyde XD I’m really curios what happen when Yasu ask Hyde’s permission to cover the song, and how Hyde’s opinion when he hears Yasu’s version.

Hyde: “You’ve done great babe,”

Whoa~~~ Yasu would be so happy!! ^_^

Then, Yasu has done duet with Daigo Breakerz on the song, Daitokai. The duet make me laugh since I keep thinking…”Wow, Hyde’s fan boy has gather up,” XDD I like seeing the chemistry between the two, yeah! Hail up for Hyde’s fan boy! XD Also, Yasu’s voice is quite high on the song and it make me giggles..Daigo’s voice is quite funny too ^_^ Hyde-sama…wonder what he’ll say about the duet hehehe

And so my conclusion: AWESOME! It’s Yasu’s 1st work for this year after he had an operation on early January 2010. He has back and become greater! I’m so happy for him. He has done a great job, he has work hard. I believe it’s been difficult for him during his recovery. And on this August, Yasu shall release his new single, RE:BIRTH. I’ve listen to the preview that used as a soundtrack for PS3 game. It’s an awesome song! Also recently I’ve seen the video preview of the single, Yasu was looking great! He’s looking great, he’s looking good, he’s looking healthy...Wonder is he still pervert? XP Re:Birth…it’s the right word for Yasu. He has been rebirth after the operation. I’m so happy and grateful for him.

Welcome back! Okaerinasai Yasu-san~~~~~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


People said, “Love can grow through times,”

I said, “Love can also disappear within times,”

That’s why I make this bond to you.

So I still can see you though you aren’t around.

So I still can keep you close.

So I can love you forever.

Happy Anniversary dearest!