Thursday, July 22, 2010

Within Kirito’s realm

Kirito is the name of Angelo’s vocalist, a Japanese trio rock band. Formerly, Kirito was the vocalist of Pierrot. Pierrot disbanded in 2005. After that Kirito form Angelo along with other two ex-Pierrot member, Kohta (bass) and Takeo (drums). Below is Kirito’s short personal data.


  • Real name: Murata Shinya
  • Birthday: February 24th, 1972
  • Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • Favorite color: Blue and green
  • Position: vocal, sound, concept

Lately I’ve been listening to Kirito’s voice. This happen after I heard Angelo’s newest single album, “Hikari no Kioku”. Since then I start my journey to the past with Angelo and Kirito. I’ve found songs that become my favorite. And Kirito really has an unique voice [not mention face XP]. His description make me remember of Yasu (ABC).


At first I was feeling scared with Yasu, but now it has been reduced XP But, not with Kirito. Even though I like his music and voice, I still feeling afraid of him. Kirito’s look is so scary. I’m guessing that he’s a scary, harsh, and weird guy. I’m quite right with the weird term. Kirito is really weird XP He has a quite weird way of thinking. I can’t understand his lyrics even with the English translations.

He’s also a dedicated person. In one PV making, I saw Kirito involve himself giving direction in the set. I can feel the aura, “he’s the boss” XP It’s not a bad side. I think he’s awesome to willing getting involve like that, or is it a usual thing to do with his role in making concept??


One of the weird thing from Kirito was his claim for being a gay. I’m amazed! It’s the first time I heard someone make such public claim. Well many have but not particular artist I like. People said it was only a joke by Kirito. I also can’t believe it too, which side will Kirito fits in?? XP But the truth is I don’t care. I like his music and his sexual orientation really doesn’t bother me. He’s happy and can make good music, it will be enough for me :)

So far, I’ve been listening to Kirito’s works, either solo or with Angelo. I think I like his solo works better :) I like few songs from his two albums: Negative and Hameln, such as: Tear, Kagerou, Door, Decide, Period, Hakudou, Cherry Tress, and many more. My favorite from Angelo are: Hikari no Kioku, Last Song, Rainbow, Reborn, Sister, Winter Moon, Usubeni no Kakera, Chaotic Bell, See you again, He is a monkey, etc. Kirito’s voice and music really can take me to another world, the realm of Kirito.


I also have new writing idea after I listen to Winter Moon and Usubeni no Kakera. I also really like the video! It’s awesome and inspiring me to write new story.

One other thing that also surprised me was the fact that Kirito is a quite funny and shy guy. Sometimes I laugh watching video about his act. Even so, I think the term weird is rather fit him XP And also, I’ve found out that Kirito is Yasu’s best friend! What a small J-Rock world!! My favorite J-Rock artist are best friends!! Sugoi!! XDD



Ikari Luis said...

Pierrot disband was in Spring 2006 (not in 2005).

If you want to know and investigate about Kirito's first works I recommend you the Pierrot 2 first albums: Finale and Private Enemy.

Or going directly to Kirito's selected songs of Pierrot: Heaven, Shingetsu, Kowareteiku kono sekai de, Birthday, First cry in Hades, Waltz, Powder Snow, The last cry in Hades, Finale, Icaross, Last Letter, Child, Creature and Gernika.

To understand Kirito and to understand Angelo you need to know about Pierrot, because Angelo is the reborn/resurrection of the Pierrot essence.

I am ikari_luis in twitter! Yoroshiku! ;)

KiRai said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry with the mistaken data :D Thanks for clearing out :) I've heard "Finale" and it is my favorite album from Pierrot.
But now I'm more into Angelo than Pierrot :)