Friday, July 16, 2010



It’s been quite time I haven’t continue the stories I’ve been working on. Total there’s three pending stories.

  1. Last Quarter ~the other story~

    No, this isn’t a fan fiction of the real version. I make my own version of “Last Quarter”, though it doesn’t involve anything about the moon inside XP It starts to enter the climax, but I just postpone it because of so much works and tiredness >_<

  2. Takumi to Sora

    This has also reach it’s climax and prepare to enter the end. But again, I postpone it >_<

  3. Undecided

    The same situation with the other two. I was working this on the office together side by side with my works :D Then I decide to postpone it and continue at home. Which I haven’t done until now >_<

Sigh…I miss my writings. I’ve been trying to write after I get back from works, but I was too tired, even though I was using Nettie* before I go to sleep. And on weekends, I usually have plans to do, friends to see, or just being a good bear and hibernate XD

Sometimes I wrote with my mind to keep me remember of the story continuation. But, when I was face to face with Nettie..I get totally blank and only scrolling the page up and down >_<

I feel so guilty to abandon the stories. They are one of the sources for my life. I also feel so guilty to my first man [the main character]. I’ve postpone his story, this is a sin for a writer :(( Gomen!!! :((

I have to get rescheduling of everything, works and time. Then I will get back to my stories. Please wait for a little more, guys. I’m heading there right away :)

*Nettie: the name of my net book :)

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