Wednesday, July 07, 2010

[About] Raido

One day, he comes within a box.

When people were sleeping, he's stand with his two legs sniffing for food. I gave him lettuce. He ate it while standing with the same position.

"What an acrobatic little fellow," I thought.

Next day, he was taken to one of my niece's house. Never think of him again. Until one day, he show up and I just thought at that time,

"What the hell does he doing here?"

I don't want to look after him, but since no one would, I had to be the one. To make me easy calling him, I gave him the name, RAIDO.

RAIDO ---> RIDER ---> KAMEN RIDER BLACK ---> BLACK (the color of his feather)

Since I've been look after him, he always follow me every where, except to my room which is in 2nd floor XD
He slept beside me (and bite me). He jumped to the couch and sleep beside me. He slept around my legs. He ran quickly toward me each time I call. Watching me play with Kurai. He sit calmly beside my legs. He always near me everywhere I go, follow me everywhere. I can always find him when he gets lost.

"Are you a rabbit or a cat?" I asked.
Then one day, I call out his name, over and over, so many times, but he never came. I was hoping that he doesn't hear my calling, but soon he will quickly ran to me and sniff my legs. I was waiting, waiting, and waiting, until I finally realize..RAIDO was gone.

RAIDO has gone. I don't know how long it has been...I'm still hoping to find his black feather among the bushes. I'm still hoping he would be running toward me, welcoming me, sniffing my legs when I call out his name.

Each time I see rabbits on the street..I always think of him. I wonder does RAIDO is one of them. Will he come if I call his name? Should I give it a try?

Dear RAIDO...I'm sorry for not being a good master for you. I'm sorry if sometimes I was being rude to you. I'm sorry I've make you lost. I'm really sorry. And this one picture of yours that I won't ever erase, just like the memories I have about you.



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