Saturday, July 31, 2010


It’s been 4 years from the day I give the pledge. And I still remember my pledge.

“I will always stay at your side, in good and bad times. I won’t ever leave you. I will always be around, I will always love you.”

And though I feel many ups and downs, I still have the love.

Happy anniversary dearest…it’s been 4 years, but I feel I have love you far more than that. I feel I love you forever, for entire of my life. This pledge of mine will always be renew day by day, just like the love I have for you.

I love you dearest…so much!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Within Kirito’s realm

Kirito is the name of Angelo’s vocalist, a Japanese trio rock band. Formerly, Kirito was the vocalist of Pierrot. Pierrot disbanded in 2005. After that Kirito form Angelo along with other two ex-Pierrot member, Kohta (bass) and Takeo (drums). Below is Kirito’s short personal data.


  • Real name: Murata Shinya
  • Birthday: February 24th, 1972
  • Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • Favorite color: Blue and green
  • Position: vocal, sound, concept

Lately I’ve been listening to Kirito’s voice. This happen after I heard Angelo’s newest single album, “Hikari no Kioku”. Since then I start my journey to the past with Angelo and Kirito. I’ve found songs that become my favorite. And Kirito really has an unique voice [not mention face XP]. His description make me remember of Yasu (ABC).


At first I was feeling scared with Yasu, but now it has been reduced XP But, not with Kirito. Even though I like his music and voice, I still feeling afraid of him. Kirito’s look is so scary. I’m guessing that he’s a scary, harsh, and weird guy. I’m quite right with the weird term. Kirito is really weird XP He has a quite weird way of thinking. I can’t understand his lyrics even with the English translations.

He’s also a dedicated person. In one PV making, I saw Kirito involve himself giving direction in the set. I can feel the aura, “he’s the boss” XP It’s not a bad side. I think he’s awesome to willing getting involve like that, or is it a usual thing to do with his role in making concept??


One of the weird thing from Kirito was his claim for being a gay. I’m amazed! It’s the first time I heard someone make such public claim. Well many have but not particular artist I like. People said it was only a joke by Kirito. I also can’t believe it too, which side will Kirito fits in?? XP But the truth is I don’t care. I like his music and his sexual orientation really doesn’t bother me. He’s happy and can make good music, it will be enough for me :)

So far, I’ve been listening to Kirito’s works, either solo or with Angelo. I think I like his solo works better :) I like few songs from his two albums: Negative and Hameln, such as: Tear, Kagerou, Door, Decide, Period, Hakudou, Cherry Tress, and many more. My favorite from Angelo are: Hikari no Kioku, Last Song, Rainbow, Reborn, Sister, Winter Moon, Usubeni no Kakera, Chaotic Bell, See you again, He is a monkey, etc. Kirito’s voice and music really can take me to another world, the realm of Kirito.


I also have new writing idea after I listen to Winter Moon and Usubeni no Kakera. I also really like the video! It’s awesome and inspiring me to write new story.

One other thing that also surprised me was the fact that Kirito is a quite funny and shy guy. Sometimes I laugh watching video about his act. Even so, I think the term weird is rather fit him XP And also, I’ve found out that Kirito is Yasu’s best friend! What a small J-Rock world!! My favorite J-Rock artist are best friends!! Sugoi!! XDD


Friday, July 16, 2010



It’s been quite time I haven’t continue the stories I’ve been working on. Total there’s three pending stories.

  1. Last Quarter ~the other story~

    No, this isn’t a fan fiction of the real version. I make my own version of “Last Quarter”, though it doesn’t involve anything about the moon inside XP It starts to enter the climax, but I just postpone it because of so much works and tiredness >_<

  2. Takumi to Sora

    This has also reach it’s climax and prepare to enter the end. But again, I postpone it >_<

  3. Undecided

    The same situation with the other two. I was working this on the office together side by side with my works :D Then I decide to postpone it and continue at home. Which I haven’t done until now >_<

Sigh…I miss my writings. I’ve been trying to write after I get back from works, but I was too tired, even though I was using Nettie* before I go to sleep. And on weekends, I usually have plans to do, friends to see, or just being a good bear and hibernate XD

Sometimes I wrote with my mind to keep me remember of the story continuation. But, when I was face to face with Nettie..I get totally blank and only scrolling the page up and down >_<

I feel so guilty to abandon the stories. They are one of the sources for my life. I also feel so guilty to my first man [the main character]. I’ve postpone his story, this is a sin for a writer :(( Gomen!!! :((

I have to get rescheduling of everything, works and time. Then I will get back to my stories. Please wait for a little more, guys. I’m heading there right away :)

*Nettie: the name of my net book :)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Acid Black Cherry: Aitai (lyric)

Biru ga mieru kyoushitsude Futari wa tsukue narabete, onaji tsukihi wo sugoshita

Sukoshi no eigo to, basuketto, soshite
Watashi wa anata to koi wo oboeta

Sofugyou mo watashi wo kodomo atsukai shita yone
'Tooku he ikunayoto'
Hanbun waratte, hanbun magao de dakiyoseta

Hikui kumo hirogeta fuyu no yoru
Anata yume no you ni shinde shimatta no

kotoshi mo umi he ikutte
ippai eiga mo mirutte
yakusoku shita janai
anata yakusoku shita janai

Namiuchi giwa susunde wa fui ni akiramete modoru
Umibe wo tada hitori
okoritai no ka nakitai no ka wakarazu ni
aruite iru

koe wo kakeru hito wo tsui mitsumeru
kare ga anata dattara anata dattara

tsuyogaru kata wo tsukande
baka da natte shikatte
yasashiku kissu wo shite
uso da yotte dakishimeteite

tooku he yuku na to itte
onegai hitori ni shinaide
tsuyoku dakishimete
watashi no soba de ikite ite

kotoshi mo umi he ikutte
ippai eiga mo mirutte
yakusoku shita janai
anata yakusoku shita janai


We had spent time next to each other in the class room where we could see the high buildings
I had fallen in love with you along with the English lessons, basket

Even when we graduated, you still treat me like a child
You used to tell me "Don't get far from me"
Half smiling half seriously you hug me in your arms

Then one cloudy winter night you disappeared like a dream, just disappeared like a dream

How about the promises to take me to the beach, to take me to see lots of movies?
Didn't you promise me that? Don't you remember?
Oh, I'm dying to see you

I gave up walking by the sea where waves were tapping the shore, alone by myself
I was there not knowing the desire to burst out in anger or to cry out loud
I looked at every single person who happened to raise their voice
Wishing it would've been you
You who would grap my bluffing shoulder
Scolding me for being a fool
Kissing me gently
Holding and telling me these are not true
Oh dear, how I wish to see you

I would love to tell you not to go far away
To not leave me lonely
To hold me tight
and just to live here by my side

Didn't you promise to take me to the sea,
to see lots of movies?
Didn't you? Didn't you?
I dearly want to see you

KiRai’s Note:

Don’t matter with the video, the words are so beautiful! And the way Yasu sing it…gosh..! BEAUTIFUL!!!


Yasu: “Aitai”

Me: “Watashi mo!”

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

[About] Raido

One day, he comes within a box.

When people were sleeping, he's stand with his two legs sniffing for food. I gave him lettuce. He ate it while standing with the same position.

"What an acrobatic little fellow," I thought.

Next day, he was taken to one of my niece's house. Never think of him again. Until one day, he show up and I just thought at that time,

"What the hell does he doing here?"

I don't want to look after him, but since no one would, I had to be the one. To make me easy calling him, I gave him the name, RAIDO.

RAIDO ---> RIDER ---> KAMEN RIDER BLACK ---> BLACK (the color of his feather)

Since I've been look after him, he always follow me every where, except to my room which is in 2nd floor XD
He slept beside me (and bite me). He jumped to the couch and sleep beside me. He slept around my legs. He ran quickly toward me each time I call. Watching me play with Kurai. He sit calmly beside my legs. He always near me everywhere I go, follow me everywhere. I can always find him when he gets lost.

"Are you a rabbit or a cat?" I asked.
Then one day, I call out his name, over and over, so many times, but he never came. I was hoping that he doesn't hear my calling, but soon he will quickly ran to me and sniff my legs. I was waiting, waiting, and waiting, until I finally realize..RAIDO was gone.

RAIDO has gone. I don't know how long it has been...I'm still hoping to find his black feather among the bushes. I'm still hoping he would be running toward me, welcoming me, sniffing my legs when I call out his name.

Each time I see rabbits on the street..I always think of him. I wonder does RAIDO is one of them. Will he come if I call his name? Should I give it a try?

Dear RAIDO...I'm sorry for not being a good master for you. I'm sorry if sometimes I was being rude to you. I'm sorry I've make you lost. I'm really sorry. And this one picture of yours that I won't ever erase, just like the memories I have about you.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Satsuki = Kadaj

This is just a one side comparison :D But I do think both of them are look alike XP

Here’s Satsuki-san


and here’s Kadaj [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]


Aren’t they look alike???


Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday Me! :)

Thank you for those who has greet me and wishing the best for me. Hontouni doumo arigatou gozaimasu *bows* I’m wishing the very best thing for everyone of you. Once again, thanks!

Actually I’m not use with this “happy birthday” thing. I don’t know how to give right reaction XP But, I really appreciate all the greetings :)

And a very special person has really surprised me! I don’t have any idea that I would receive such attention, especially on my birthday! I’m so happy! I’m so honored! Once again, I don’t deserve it, but I’m really happy I’ve meet and could have her love.

For Satomi-chan, I’m really grateful to have you as my friend. I’m so happy and honored to be your friend. I really do! I want to be friends with you forever! Thank you for giving me this happiness. Thank you for making me smile today. Thank you for the beautiful present. This birthday is truly the best birthday since I have you. I will always remember this birthday. I will never forget it! Ever!

birthday cake

Thank you so much Satomi chan! You’re the greatest!! I’m truly honored!! I love you forever!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Family Picture

Sorry, it’s not my family picture XP But, I can feel the warmth of a family when I see this picture below.


[left to right. Stand: Jasmine You and Yuki. Sofa: Kamijo and Hizaki. Floor: Teru]

The family member are:

Kamijo is the father.

Jasmine You is the 1st daughter.

Yuki is the 1st son.

Hizaki is the 2nd daughter. [note: the father most favorite]

Teru is the 2nd son. The youngest one and also the last one of the descendants of rose.

What a happy and beautiful family~~~ I’d like to make a fan fiction story about them :) 

And here it is: The Descendants of Rose