Friday, June 11, 2010

SID (SHIDO) New Single: RAIN

rain TypeC


  1. Rain
  2. Cut
  3. Chapter 1 (live)

SID (read SHIDO) has released their new single on June 2nd, 2010. The single title is RAIN and is use as the 5th opening song of the anime, “Fullmetal Alchemist.” I like it from the first time I listen to it. The video is also beautiful. Mao-kun looks beautiful. Aki looks very cool (this is the first time I praised him XP). Yuuya looks as spirited as always, and Shinji…I couldn’t say much about his hair. I don’t like Shinji’s blond hair. Gomen :)

The first song in the album, Rain, is an awesome song. It’s so beautiful, not so gentle or slow, but still beautiful. The video suits the song very well. I like both the song and the video. Satomi-chan (myspace) has reminded me of something regarding the song. She said that the song title is the same thing that I like, which is the rain. I was surprised to hear it! I don’t realize it at all! After it, I’ve become more excited with the song XP Now I become more and more to like the rain!

The second song, Cut, is also a great one. It’s a great song with great lyrics. Mao-kun has written it and it fills with encouragement words from him. It’s Mao-kun’s side that I really like: his encouraging words. I really moved by his words. I love this song the most!!

The third song is a live version of Chapter 1. It’s taken from their 2010 live tour. I just like when the songs are playing live, it feels so alive along with the enthusiasm from the crowd. Mao-kun has a great voice either during live or in record.

My conclusion: THUMBS UP!!! This album is so great!! The CD cover is also beautiful. Awesome!! I was feeling excited when I heard SID would be releasing new song on June. Even it beat my excitement for VAMPS new single and also Yasu 2nd Recreation album. SID’s new single is just too way cool~~~ Love it so much!! And I’ve become to more in love with the band, especially with Mao-kun (of course). Great job guys! You’ve make me so happy!! You always make me so happy and fun!

I’ve remember something; SID has released 3 single albums from last year until now (June 2010). I love each one of it. And the second track of each album is so damn great. Kaitou Neon (2nd track of One Way); Utahime (2nd track of Sleep), and Cut (2nd track of Rain), the three of them are great songs! It’s so energetic and makes me wanting to see Mao-kun singing it live. Gosh, they are just damn good!!

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