Tuesday, June 15, 2010

@Rumuz Villy Wedding

Finally, one of my friends (again) has get married, Rumuz Villy. Gosh! It’s been 3 people already! Jinxy, Kecil, and now Rumuz Villy, I wonder who would be next. Dearest Kimi, I’m waiting patiently here XP

It’s good to see her happy face, though I feel it’s the usual face she had XD Hopefully she won’t move to East Java following her husband’s work there. It will so difficult to meet her, maybe never :D I really hope she won’t be moving. She said she doesn’t want to, so I hope she can convince her husband XP

After from her wedding, the question of loneliness rise again inside me, I admit I will be feeling lonely, but it won’t change the way I live. I will always like this. Even more, after seeing my friends become wives and mothers, somehow I’m very grateful for what I am right now :D I won’t exchange it for anything, maybe I would consider it if it’s for Kimi XP

I also get very surprising news in the same day. I’ve found out that Kecil is pregnant! Wow, that’s fast!! XD I’m happy for her and for the little SESAD she would have. Jinxy is also expecting soon. I’m happy for them. But, my sister has said something about Kecil’s pregnancy. She said  it’s the answer why Kecil had her marriage so soon. I don’t know what the truth is. But whatever it is, I know that I will always support her and pray the best for her. I love her and I want her to always be happy. I really hope she’s happy.

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