Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and Satomi-chan :)

Sweet Satomi-chan has said that every time she look at Sweet Peas flower, she was remembering of me. She’s so sweet, right? I’m so honored Satomi-chan has think of me that way, though I’m not as sweet as the flower.

And here’s the flower… me :) Satomi-chan takes it with her cell phone.

me (this is me :D)

And the other sweet peas Satomi-chan has take photos of.

sweet peas

sweet peas2

sweet peas3

Isn’t lovely?? I’m so honored Satomi-chan has seen me that way. I don’t deserve it. Satomi-chan deserve more than me. I like her a lot! I like her so much! She’s a great friend for me. I want to be a great friend for her too :) Satomi-chan, let’s be friends forever and ever :D I don’t want to lose you whatever happen! :)

And so, this is what I think of Satomi-chan. Though she deserve lots more, but for now I think of her like this flower, white lilies :)





That is Satomi-chan. My lovely Satomi-chan! I love you dearest Satomi-chan! I love you so much!!

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