Wednesday, June 09, 2010

@Gelar Jepang UI: 2nd Day

On last week Saturday, I went to Gelar Jepang UI. I went in the second day of the event. It was an annually event and I often go there.

Far from my expectation, it was a usual event. Even far more usual than last year, nothing interests me much. They only sold cosplay goodies, pin up, key chain, and Japanese food, while I was looking for music DVD. Maybe the event would be more exciting in the third day; there’d be cosplay parade and band performance. But I couldn’t go that day, one of my friend was getting married (I’ll post the story later XP)

I feel bored with the event, also lonely.

Last year I was going with Ryu-chan. We had wonderful times. This year we don’t go together. I was feeling lonely while I was looking at the crowd. Maybe that’s why I feel bored, since I don’t have Ryu-chan at my side. I miss her. I miss her so much.

Also, I guess I don’t share the same taste of music with the people there. I was wearing my Versailles shirt and only few people noticed XP Somehow, I was feeling more proud to show I’m a Versailles Fans than become a Cielers XP

I’m a Versailles!!


At the event, I’ve bought a frog desk lamp. I don’t know why I bought it. Sigh…I must control this shopping desire fast!!

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