Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Angel Side of VAMPS: ANGEL TRIP (new single)



  1. Angel Trip
  2. Kyuketsu -Satsugai- (VAMPS version)

I’m shocked! I forget that VAMPS would release new single this June! I was still excited with SID XDD Even though I’ve notice people mention it but it doesn’t cross my mind. Gomen ne Hyde-sama :)

So, the first track from the album is Angel Trip. An energetic song and the video are also quite funny. It’s a kind of sweet song too, though in VAMP’s way. I like this song better than Devil Side XP Hyde-sama shoot the video in Thailand. You got to be kidding me! Why he doesn’t stop by to Indonesia?? >_< It’s close, you just need to sail with the ship, Hyde-sama….Anyway, Hyde-sama gets blond again in this video, long blond hair. He’s quite beautiful~~~ I wonder does he remember the times doing Moon Child with Gackt. That time, Hyde-sama was also having blond but with short one. I guess He has good memories about it XP

The second song, Kyuketsu -Satsugai-, is a rockfish song. From Ni-chan (myspace), I know that this is a remake song from Metal Detroit City theme. The original song is quite harsh with the words saying to kill our parents. But, Hyde-sama changes it to some kind that we have to cherished and love our parents. I remember he change the words, “kill” become “kiss” XDD It’s so Hyde from VAMPS XDD

My conclusion: I like this single better than Devil Side. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t like Devil Side video (I love you too much Hyde-sama :D). But, I do can feel the beauty of Angel Trip. The same beauties that make me adore him. This is a trip of an angel alright, and the angel name is Hyde. (Kaz: what about me??)

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