Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Angel Side of VAMPS: ANGEL TRIP (new single)



  1. Angel Trip
  2. Kyuketsu -Satsugai- (VAMPS version)

I’m shocked! I forget that VAMPS would release new single this June! I was still excited with SID XDD Even though I’ve notice people mention it but it doesn’t cross my mind. Gomen ne Hyde-sama :)

So, the first track from the album is Angel Trip. An energetic song and the video are also quite funny. It’s a kind of sweet song too, though in VAMP’s way. I like this song better than Devil Side XP Hyde-sama shoot the video in Thailand. You got to be kidding me! Why he doesn’t stop by to Indonesia?? >_< It’s close, you just need to sail with the ship, Hyde-sama….Anyway, Hyde-sama gets blond again in this video, long blond hair. He’s quite beautiful~~~ I wonder does he remember the times doing Moon Child with Gackt. That time, Hyde-sama was also having blond but with short one. I guess He has good memories about it XP

The second song, Kyuketsu -Satsugai-, is a rockfish song. From Ni-chan (myspace), I know that this is a remake song from Metal Detroit City theme. The original song is quite harsh with the words saying to kill our parents. But, Hyde-sama changes it to some kind that we have to cherished and love our parents. I remember he change the words, “kill” become “kiss” XDD It’s so Hyde from VAMPS XDD

My conclusion: I like this single better than Devil Side. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t like Devil Side video (I love you too much Hyde-sama :D). But, I do can feel the beauty of Angel Trip. The same beauties that make me adore him. This is a trip of an angel alright, and the angel name is Hyde. (Kaz: what about me??)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and Satomi-chan :)

Sweet Satomi-chan has said that every time she look at Sweet Peas flower, she was remembering of me. She’s so sweet, right? I’m so honored Satomi-chan has think of me that way, though I’m not as sweet as the flower.

And here’s the flower… me :) Satomi-chan takes it with her cell phone.

me (this is me :D)

And the other sweet peas Satomi-chan has take photos of.

sweet peas

sweet peas2

sweet peas3

Isn’t lovely?? I’m so honored Satomi-chan has seen me that way. I don’t deserve it. Satomi-chan deserve more than me. I like her a lot! I like her so much! She’s a great friend for me. I want to be a great friend for her too :) Satomi-chan, let’s be friends forever and ever :D I don’t want to lose you whatever happen! :)

And so, this is what I think of Satomi-chan. Though she deserve lots more, but for now I think of her like this flower, white lilies :)





That is Satomi-chan. My lovely Satomi-chan! I love you dearest Satomi-chan! I love you so much!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

“I Hate Myself and I Want to Die”

Yes, I hate myself…but not to the point that I want to die.

I hate myself but I love my life.

Life is hard. Life is suck. But with some little happiness. I can still like it.

If there’s no happiness, I’ll make one.

Beside, my belief forbid me to kill myself, and I think I’m just too coward to do so. I will go straight to hell. Well, as if I won’t go there  XDD

I wonder…

Will anyone cry if I’m gone?

Will anyone miss me?

Will anyone thinking of me?

Mo ii yo..I guess it won’t be a matter. Since I would be gone anyway.

Hehehe…this is not a suicidal letter XP Just wrote this when I was stuck in the traffic jam. Some inspirations huh XP

P.S. “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” is the title of RENTRER EN SOI song :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Worst Person?

Am I the worst person?

Last week I’ve being upset almost with everything. I hate everything. I’ve become ignorant. And so, I even pass the news about one of my cousin’s death.

I didn’t know she had passed away. My family already know it. Only me, since I was being ignorant at the time.

So, again, am I the worst person?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

@Rumuz Villy Wedding

Finally, one of my friends (again) has get married, Rumuz Villy. Gosh! It’s been 3 people already! Jinxy, Kecil, and now Rumuz Villy, I wonder who would be next. Dearest Kimi, I’m waiting patiently here XP

It’s good to see her happy face, though I feel it’s the usual face she had XD Hopefully she won’t move to East Java following her husband’s work there. It will so difficult to meet her, maybe never :D I really hope she won’t be moving. She said she doesn’t want to, so I hope she can convince her husband XP

After from her wedding, the question of loneliness rise again inside me, I admit I will be feeling lonely, but it won’t change the way I live. I will always like this. Even more, after seeing my friends become wives and mothers, somehow I’m very grateful for what I am right now :D I won’t exchange it for anything, maybe I would consider it if it’s for Kimi XP

I also get very surprising news in the same day. I’ve found out that Kecil is pregnant! Wow, that’s fast!! XD I’m happy for her and for the little SESAD she would have. Jinxy is also expecting soon. I’m happy for them. But, my sister has said something about Kecil’s pregnancy. She said  it’s the answer why Kecil had her marriage so soon. I don’t know what the truth is. But whatever it is, I know that I will always support her and pray the best for her. I love her and I want her to always be happy. I really hope she’s happy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

SID (SHIDO) New Single: RAIN

rain TypeC


  1. Rain
  2. Cut
  3. Chapter 1 (live)

SID (read SHIDO) has released their new single on June 2nd, 2010. The single title is RAIN and is use as the 5th opening song of the anime, “Fullmetal Alchemist.” I like it from the first time I listen to it. The video is also beautiful. Mao-kun looks beautiful. Aki looks very cool (this is the first time I praised him XP). Yuuya looks as spirited as always, and Shinji…I couldn’t say much about his hair. I don’t like Shinji’s blond hair. Gomen :)

The first song in the album, Rain, is an awesome song. It’s so beautiful, not so gentle or slow, but still beautiful. The video suits the song very well. I like both the song and the video. Satomi-chan (myspace) has reminded me of something regarding the song. She said that the song title is the same thing that I like, which is the rain. I was surprised to hear it! I don’t realize it at all! After it, I’ve become more excited with the song XP Now I become more and more to like the rain!

The second song, Cut, is also a great one. It’s a great song with great lyrics. Mao-kun has written it and it fills with encouragement words from him. It’s Mao-kun’s side that I really like: his encouraging words. I really moved by his words. I love this song the most!!

The third song is a live version of Chapter 1. It’s taken from their 2010 live tour. I just like when the songs are playing live, it feels so alive along with the enthusiasm from the crowd. Mao-kun has a great voice either during live or in record.

My conclusion: THUMBS UP!!! This album is so great!! The CD cover is also beautiful. Awesome!! I was feeling excited when I heard SID would be releasing new song on June. Even it beat my excitement for VAMPS new single and also Yasu 2nd Recreation album. SID’s new single is just too way cool~~~ Love it so much!! And I’ve become to more in love with the band, especially with Mao-kun (of course). Great job guys! You’ve make me so happy!! You always make me so happy and fun!

I’ve remember something; SID has released 3 single albums from last year until now (June 2010). I love each one of it. And the second track of each album is so damn great. Kaitou Neon (2nd track of One Way); Utahime (2nd track of Sleep), and Cut (2nd track of Rain), the three of them are great songs! It’s so energetic and makes me wanting to see Mao-kun singing it live. Gosh, they are just damn good!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

@Gelar Jepang UI: 2nd Day

On last week Saturday, I went to Gelar Jepang UI. I went in the second day of the event. It was an annually event and I often go there.

Far from my expectation, it was a usual event. Even far more usual than last year, nothing interests me much. They only sold cosplay goodies, pin up, key chain, and Japanese food, while I was looking for music DVD. Maybe the event would be more exciting in the third day; there’d be cosplay parade and band performance. But I couldn’t go that day, one of my friend was getting married (I’ll post the story later XP)

I feel bored with the event, also lonely.

Last year I was going with Ryu-chan. We had wonderful times. This year we don’t go together. I was feeling lonely while I was looking at the crowd. Maybe that’s why I feel bored, since I don’t have Ryu-chan at my side. I miss her. I miss her so much.

Also, I guess I don’t share the same taste of music with the people there. I was wearing my Versailles shirt and only few people noticed XP Somehow, I was feeling more proud to show I’m a Versailles Fans than become a Cielers XP

I’m a Versailles!!


At the event, I’ve bought a frog desk lamp. I don’t know why I bought it. Sigh…I must control this shopping desire fast!!