Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The well next door


Hihihi…I don’t know either this title post is appropriate or not  ^_^;

Anyway, I got the story last night. One of my nephew’s friend had fell into the well next to my house! They were playing and one of them start to throwing things away. The things went over to the garden next to my house. One of the girls went there to take back her things. Then suddenly she fells into the well!! My nephew and his friends were panic and hurried called my sister (aka his mother). Unfortunately my 4th brother wasn’t around too so there were no boys in the house. My sister hurried told her son to call the men at the village office. The teachers and people passing by were also coming to see. I’ve been told that the situation was quite a mess, everybody was in panic.

The girl who fell cried for help. She said she can’t stand right since there’s mud below her feet. My sister understand that it mean the well is so deep. She might suck in deeper. But finally in the end she was saved. She was brought up with a poster tight to her body, along with the help of a man. Feuh…one tragedy has been fail successfully. After the incident, they all laughing. I think everyone was relief the girl was save and okay.

When I was first told about it, I was thinking the girl fell into the well in my house yard. I remember one story from a horror manga by Chie Watari about a little girl that had fell into a well but couldn’t cried for help since she has just have her throat operated. The girl then found dead. Of course I don’t want that story become real, but somehow I was also imagining the scene from The Ring Movie, when Sadako climb up from inside the well. It’s quite exciting *got slapped*

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