Wednesday, May 19, 2010




  1. Devil Side
  2. Live Wire

This is the newest single album from duo VAMPS, Hyde and KAZ. The date release in on May 12th, 2010.

My opinion?

VAMPS are getting wilder here. After I listen to the songs, I’m feeling like listening to an American Rock ‘N Roll band. There’s no sense of Japanese within it, except that I do recognize Hyde’s special voice.

The songs are quite cheerful though. It’s really suit for a party song. But, I won’t recommend to watch Devil Side PV, just like I’ve said: It’s too wild! XDD To bare any heart ache, I suggest do not watch the video XP But somehow the video remind me of a Bacchus Party.

Over all, I’m not too fond with this album. Devil Side is cool, but the song isn’t the kind I’d love to listen over and over. I think Hyde has change the way of his music on VAMPS. The songs feel naughty, dirty, and sexy. But, somehow I feel Hyde can make a better and more beautiful work than this one :) I hope the next one will suit me more :)

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