Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday in Horror

That’s the way I spend my Sunday, by watching horror movies :D

I’ve watched 3 movies:

  1. Phobia
  2. The Grudge: Old Lady in White
  3. The Shutter Island


Phobia is a Thailand horror movie collections. It consisted of 5 movies. I think the best one is the last movie about the making of a horror movie, the situations become frightening when one artist who supposed to be dead was back to finished her last scene. The rest of the movies aren’t so frightening. It rather about karma of a person.


The Grudge: Old Lady in White. This is one of the movie to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Ju On” I expected it will be so damn scary. But, it turns out to be so damn boring….I don’t understand where the hell is Kayako? The house only look the same from the front, but the inside was different. Even so, if this is a different meaning of “grudge” then why Toshio was showing up on a scene? What Toshio doing there? Lost your mother, kiddo?? Also, yeah…the granny ghost carrying basketball is quite ridiculous. What’s with the ball anyway? She’s already scary without it.


shutter island

The Shutter Island. I’m quite tired and confused following the story, but it’s better than the other 2. At first I was thinking there’s something bad happen at the mentally hospital, that the people there were mean with the patient and had done some weird experiment, just like the character of Leo had assumed. But, it turns out that Leo was the patient. And the story from the very beginning was only some play from the officer to getting along with Leo’s imagination. I also had the same thinking that it’s just a part of the lie from the officer, to make Leo looking insane and become one of the patient there. But, no, the people I thought to be the bad ones turn out to be the good ones. Sigh…it’s a good movie though with me realize something in the end…I think I have the same way of thinking with Leo’s character since from the beginning until the truth being revealed, I was agree with Leo all the way :)

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