Friday, May 07, 2010

My Surprises!

I know it’s way too long to write the surprises I had. But, I want to write it down anyway XP *egoist mode on*.

1st surprises was come from VAMPS. They would release new single on May 12th, title “Devil Side”. I’ve watched the video and I went O_O What kind of video is that??? Hyde is too wild! He has become wilder than before!!! NO!!!

2nd surprises come from SID. They would release new single on June 2nd, title “Rain”. It will also be the theme for anime Fullmetal Alchemist. And each design for the CD are wonderful! Here goes the album design.

TypeA [Rain Type A]

TypeB [Rain Type B]

rain TypeC [Rain Type C]

Isn’t each of it looking lovely? :)

Also this is SID’s new look. Sugoina~~~~ ^_^

SID 2010 new look

3rd surprises come from Tetsuya. I’ve watched his new single video, “Roulette”. It’s so amazing! It’s so fun and cheerful! Tetsuya look so damn young! Just few years older from Justin Bieber XP At first I thought the song would be slow and boring…but I take back my words. It’s not boring at all! It’s a great work from leader-san XP Actually, I more like Tetsuya doing than to Hyde with VAMPS XP


4th surprises come from Yasu aka Acid Black Cherry. Yasu will release new single title “Re:Birth”. It will also be the theme for a PS3 game. I’ve become so excited with this news! Finally Yasu is back! I’ve miss him so bad. And now he’s back with new single! I’ve also watched the game preview with the song in it. It’s so amazing!! Yasu has make me in tears!!! I miss his voice so much!!

5th surprises come from Yasu again! He will release second Recreation album on June 30th. Daigo will participated on one of the song…and also..Yasu will cover Glamorous Sky from Hyde!!! This what make me so excited! Yasu really love Hyde so much that he even covering his God’s song! I wonder how Yasu feel when Hyde agreed the work. I think Yasu would felt so damn happy! He might be jumping around XP Also, what Hyde said when Yasu asked his permission??

Yasu: “Hyde-san, I’d like to do a cover of your song, Glamorous Sky. What do you think?”

Hyde: “Sure thing babe,” *patting Yasu’s head*



I’m so happy for you Yasu! I really am! He must be so happy!!

6th surprises come from Satsuki. I finally find his PV! Two of it! You and Raindrop. I was smiling watching it! Satsuki is really a one gorgeous person. So beautiful person with a beautiful voice. He’s really the moon prince. Also, I feel stupid after looking at his official website. I label him as moon prince without realizing that he has used the image of moon earlier at his website. But, it also mean Satsuki has succeed to make music that suit to the moon image. At least for me :)  

moon prince

Anyway, why I’m feeling more excited with SID and Yasu’s new work than with VAMPS? :D

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