Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kimi’s TV Ad

“KYAAAAAAAAAAA” *fans girl mode*

I would be screaming like that if I can XP Finally I can watch Kimi’s TV ad!! Sugoi!! It’s awesome and amazing! Of course I refer it for Kimi :)

He looks very very very charming! So cool!! I really like when he’s making the hair! I’m falling in love again!

I like when he’s smiling!

The smile of his. The look of his. The man! I will always falling in love with him over and over again! I just can’t forget his look at the commercial. I’ve watched it for so many times already, and every time it always make me smile. I’m in love! I’m deeply crazy in love!

I really really love kimi!

*not a fans girl mode*

Please God, let me have him…please!


p.s. the video can be watched below the blog page XP

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