Friday, May 21, 2010

New Profile Picture

I’m using a new profile picture on my every account, except Twitter since for few days I’ve been having trouble with it XP

Also this is the first time I’m using profile picture not from Kimi or hyde’s image. Even Anggi-chan thought it was hyde disguising as a princess. But, isn’t hyde XP

Anggi-chan said, the hand feel different. I add, “Can you also feel the height difference?” XDD

So, who is the person I’m using the picture???


Just look at my side panel. He’s there :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010




  1. Devil Side
  2. Live Wire

This is the newest single album from duo VAMPS, Hyde and KAZ. The date release in on May 12th, 2010.

My opinion?

VAMPS are getting wilder here. After I listen to the songs, I’m feeling like listening to an American Rock ‘N Roll band. There’s no sense of Japanese within it, except that I do recognize Hyde’s special voice.

The songs are quite cheerful though. It’s really suit for a party song. But, I won’t recommend to watch Devil Side PV, just like I’ve said: It’s too wild! XDD To bare any heart ache, I suggest do not watch the video XP But somehow the video remind me of a Bacchus Party.

Over all, I’m not too fond with this album. Devil Side is cool, but the song isn’t the kind I’d love to listen over and over. I think Hyde has change the way of his music on VAMPS. The songs feel naughty, dirty, and sexy. But, somehow I feel Hyde can make a better and more beautiful work than this one :) I hope the next one will suit me more :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday in Horror

That’s the way I spend my Sunday, by watching horror movies :D

I’ve watched 3 movies:

  1. Phobia
  2. The Grudge: Old Lady in White
  3. The Shutter Island


Phobia is a Thailand horror movie collections. It consisted of 5 movies. I think the best one is the last movie about the making of a horror movie, the situations become frightening when one artist who supposed to be dead was back to finished her last scene. The rest of the movies aren’t so frightening. It rather about karma of a person.


The Grudge: Old Lady in White. This is one of the movie to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Ju On” I expected it will be so damn scary. But, it turns out to be so damn boring….I don’t understand where the hell is Kayako? The house only look the same from the front, but the inside was different. Even so, if this is a different meaning of “grudge” then why Toshio was showing up on a scene? What Toshio doing there? Lost your mother, kiddo?? Also, yeah…the granny ghost carrying basketball is quite ridiculous. What’s with the ball anyway? She’s already scary without it.


shutter island

The Shutter Island. I’m quite tired and confused following the story, but it’s better than the other 2. At first I was thinking there’s something bad happen at the mentally hospital, that the people there were mean with the patient and had done some weird experiment, just like the character of Leo had assumed. But, it turns out that Leo was the patient. And the story from the very beginning was only some play from the officer to getting along with Leo’s imagination. I also had the same thinking that it’s just a part of the lie from the officer, to make Leo looking insane and become one of the patient there. But, no, the people I thought to be the bad ones turn out to be the good ones. Sigh…it’s a good movie though with me realize something in the end…I think I have the same way of thinking with Leo’s character since from the beginning until the truth being revealed, I was agree with Leo all the way :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Surprises!

I know it’s way too long to write the surprises I had. But, I want to write it down anyway XP *egoist mode on*.

1st surprises was come from VAMPS. They would release new single on May 12th, title “Devil Side”. I’ve watched the video and I went O_O What kind of video is that??? Hyde is too wild! He has become wilder than before!!! NO!!!

2nd surprises come from SID. They would release new single on June 2nd, title “Rain”. It will also be the theme for anime Fullmetal Alchemist. And each design for the CD are wonderful! Here goes the album design.

TypeA [Rain Type A]

TypeB [Rain Type B]

rain TypeC [Rain Type C]

Isn’t each of it looking lovely? :)

Also this is SID’s new look. Sugoina~~~~ ^_^

SID 2010 new look

3rd surprises come from Tetsuya. I’ve watched his new single video, “Roulette”. It’s so amazing! It’s so fun and cheerful! Tetsuya look so damn young! Just few years older from Justin Bieber XP At first I thought the song would be slow and boring…but I take back my words. It’s not boring at all! It’s a great work from leader-san XP Actually, I more like Tetsuya doing than to Hyde with VAMPS XP


4th surprises come from Yasu aka Acid Black Cherry. Yasu will release new single title “Re:Birth”. It will also be the theme for a PS3 game. I’ve become so excited with this news! Finally Yasu is back! I’ve miss him so bad. And now he’s back with new single! I’ve also watched the game preview with the song in it. It’s so amazing!! Yasu has make me in tears!!! I miss his voice so much!!

5th surprises come from Yasu again! He will release second Recreation album on June 30th. Daigo will participated on one of the song…and also..Yasu will cover Glamorous Sky from Hyde!!! This what make me so excited! Yasu really love Hyde so much that he even covering his God’s song! I wonder how Yasu feel when Hyde agreed the work. I think Yasu would felt so damn happy! He might be jumping around XP Also, what Hyde said when Yasu asked his permission??

Yasu: “Hyde-san, I’d like to do a cover of your song, Glamorous Sky. What do you think?”

Hyde: “Sure thing babe,” *patting Yasu’s head*



I’m so happy for you Yasu! I really am! He must be so happy!!

6th surprises come from Satsuki. I finally find his PV! Two of it! You and Raindrop. I was smiling watching it! Satsuki is really a one gorgeous person. So beautiful person with a beautiful voice. He’s really the moon prince. Also, I feel stupid after looking at his official website. I label him as moon prince without realizing that he has used the image of moon earlier at his website. But, it also mean Satsuki has succeed to make music that suit to the moon image. At least for me :)  

moon prince

Anyway, why I’m feeling more excited with SID and Yasu’s new work than with VAMPS? :D

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kimi’s TV Ad

“KYAAAAAAAAAAA” *fans girl mode*

I would be screaming like that if I can XP Finally I can watch Kimi’s TV ad!! Sugoi!! It’s awesome and amazing! Of course I refer it for Kimi :)

He looks very very very charming! So cool!! I really like when he’s making the hair! I’m falling in love again!

I like when he’s smiling!

The smile of his. The look of his. The man! I will always falling in love with him over and over again! I just can’t forget his look at the commercial. I’ve watched it for so many times already, and every time it always make me smile. I’m in love! I’m deeply crazy in love!

I really really love kimi!

*not a fans girl mode*

Please God, let me have him…please!


p.s. the video can be watched below the blog page XP

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The well next door


Hihihi…I don’t know either this title post is appropriate or not  ^_^;

Anyway, I got the story last night. One of my nephew’s friend had fell into the well next to my house! They were playing and one of them start to throwing things away. The things went over to the garden next to my house. One of the girls went there to take back her things. Then suddenly she fells into the well!! My nephew and his friends were panic and hurried called my sister (aka his mother). Unfortunately my 4th brother wasn’t around too so there were no boys in the house. My sister hurried told her son to call the men at the village office. The teachers and people passing by were also coming to see. I’ve been told that the situation was quite a mess, everybody was in panic.

The girl who fell cried for help. She said she can’t stand right since there’s mud below her feet. My sister understand that it mean the well is so deep. She might suck in deeper. But finally in the end she was saved. She was brought up with a poster tight to her body, along with the help of a man. Feuh…one tragedy has been fail successfully. After the incident, they all laughing. I think everyone was relief the girl was save and okay.

When I was first told about it, I was thinking the girl fell into the well in my house yard. I remember one story from a horror manga by Chie Watari about a little girl that had fell into a well but couldn’t cried for help since she has just have her throat operated. The girl then found dead. Of course I don’t want that story become real, but somehow I was also imagining the scene from The Ring Movie, when Sadako climb up from inside the well. It’s quite exciting *got slapped*