Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strange Tales of Yesterday Evening

It all started with Dipa’s panic. She has lost a file she has finished working. She’s so scared, confused, and panic. So do I. Then she hurried went back home and skipping her class to look for the file at her computer house.

Then just like usual Wednesday, I went to UI to bought new mangas. Usually Dipa will drive me there, so I would get the manga and still can catch the train on time. But Dipa won’t drive me there over the trouble she’s having. Even so I was really excited since I will have so many manga to read! I don’t care I’ll be coming home very late cause of it!


When I arrive, the place was close!!! What the fuck! I was shouting inside and put confused look at the face. I look around but I don’t see the kiosk owner. Sigh…I was so disappointed!! There I was, with no manga to get and also already late for the train. I was so depressed!

But then…there’s announcement saying that my train will enter the station soon! Yokattara!! Though I don’t get the manga but I surely won’t miss the train!! I hurried and succeed get inside the train! Feuh!!

Then…there’s SMS come in. It’s from the kiosk owner saying that he was around the kiosk and had the mangas I wanted. What the hell??? I don’t know what to react. Should I cry or laugh? I only grin reading the message. Maybe other passengers caught my weird reaction XP Oh well…I was already on the train heading home. I told the owner to keep the mangas and I would get it tomorrow.

I can’t believe what had happen. There I was, at the train heading home. I may not have the mangas but at least I won’t be coming home very late. And then Dipa inform me that she still has the file at home. It’s surely a great relief for both of us.

And so…I’m still wondering now. Should I say I was lucky or having bad luck?? Don’t know :D

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