Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perfect Girl Evolution ~dorama~


New dorama from Kame-chan!!

It’s the live action version from the manga, “Perfect Girl Evolution”.

The story is about 4 good looking guy who lived together in a house. In order to get free-rent of the house, the guys have to change the owner niece to become a perfect lady. The matter is that the niece is a dark, scary, and gloomy girl who loves horror’s movies, darkness, and scary things. So, the fight for free-rent will now begin!

There’s 2 reason why I want to watched this dorama, 1. because it’s Kame-chan; 2. because I want to see how the manga interpreted as a live action.

At first, I was quite hesitant after doing quick view over this dorama. I think Kame-chan isn’t as cool as the character of Kyohei Takano on the manga. The same thing goes to the rest of the cast. But then after I finally have time to fully watched it, I’m quite amaze. This dorama has create another realm of “Perfect Girl Evolution”. The stories are mixed stories from the origin manga story. Even so, it’s still quite interesting to follow. I would never think to see “Kyohei” cried, but in this dorama he cried for his mother! Strange but also touching XD I also think this dorama is mostly about “Kyohei’s life” aka Kame-chan has bigger portion to show up, and that’s really a strong reason for me to watch this XP

My most favorite part from this dorama was when Kyohei mock Sunako-chan to awaken her special ability, fighting. Kyohei would called her, “Busunako! Busunako! Busunako! Busonako!” which I think it means “ugly Sunako”. It’s so funny that sometimes I act it to my nephew and niece XP

This dorama also has a surprising ending! Kyohei and Sunako become a couple! Another thing I don’t expect was to hear Kyohei confessions for Sunako-chan. Kyohei hug Sunako-chan from the back and confess his feeling for her. That he doesn’t mind her to be dark, gloomy, ugly, just to be herself, Kyohei will still like her. Well, actually Kyohei is the only one who doesn’t so insisted to change Sunako-chan to a lady. He’s quite comfortable with the way she was, and for the most for her cooking. I think no one would understand Sunako-chan better than Kyohei.

And for that, I am touch! I wonder will there be someone like Kyohei for me? Someone who accept me the way I am. Someone that look at me not only in the surface. Will Kimi be that someone? I wish for it! :)

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